Hyundai Santro parked in no-parking zone towed by officials despite passengers in it [Video]

Parking has always been an issue in many cities across the country. Many of us have experienced it in our lives and even got fined for parking at the no-parking zones. Normally, a vehicle which is parked at a no-parking zone is towed away by the concerned authorities. The car is released after you pay the fine and towing charges. In most of the cases, the vehicle is towed when there is no one sitting inside the car. In an incident a Hyundai Santro was towed by authorities in Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow while the passengers were in it.

The video has been shared by TOI. The pictures of a tow truck towing a previous generation Hyundai Santro with passengers in it has gone viral. According to report by DNA, the incident happened in Janpath, Hazratganj in Lucknow. Sunil and his friends had gone to Janpath in Hazratganj to collect some items. While they were in the car, a tow truck came to the spot. The tow truck lifted the car while the passengers were still inside the car.

Images and video of the tow truck towing the Hyundai Santro away has gone viral on the internet and has grabbed the attention from thousands of people online. After the video went viral, the Lucknow Municipal Commissioner ordered inquiry. According to the Municipal Commissioner Ajay Dwivedi, the cranes that are used to tow vehicles from no-parking zones are operated by private contractors who have been given permit for an year. Most of the time, these crane operators are not careful while towing the vehicles. There are incidents where the cars have ended up with damaged bumpers and other issues due to wrong towing techniques.

Hyundai Santro parked in no-parking zone towed by officials despite passengers in it [Video]

After the incident, Lucknow authorities have banned the operations of all the cranes that were used to tow the vehicles from no-parking zones. Authorities have also been asked to take further action after doing proper investigation about the incident. As per the rule, a vehicle cannot be towed from a no-parking zone if there are occupants sitting inside the car.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. Last year, a biker was lifted using a crane for stopping the motorcycle in no-parking zone for few minutes in Pune. The bike was towed while the rider was sitting on his motorcycle. This incident had also gone viral at that point of time. Once Mumbai police had towed a vehicle from no-parking zone with a women breast-feeding her child inside the car.

Similar thing has happened with the Hyundai Santro passengers as well. One should understand that no-parking and no-stop or halt zones are different. Whenever there is a board for No Parking on the road, it does not mean that vehicles cannot stop there. A person can stop vehicle but, he or she cannot leave the vehicle. There are places where vehicles cannot be stopped as well. Such spots have board with ‘No Stopping’ or ‘No Halting’ signs. Such signs are usually seen at places were the roads are narrow and are mostly busy.