Hyundai Santro with passengers falls into river while heading to Ladakh: Rescued [Video]

Every year thousands of tourists throng the Ladakh region of the country. While many tourists take the flight to the northernmost region of the country, others prefer to drive through the secluded region. Many severe accidents are reported on the roads leading to Ladakh and if you have taken the roads to the place, you will see hundreds of car structures lying around. In short, driving to Ladakh requires a lot of patience and skills. Here is an incident from the Leh-Srinagar highway that shows a Hyundai Santro in the river.

The video has become viral on social media platforms. It shows a white-coloured Hyundai Santro in the middle of the river. There are still passengers inside the vehicle. The video shows people using rafts and kayaks to reach the car and help the passengers.

While a few others can be spotted swimming to the vehicle to save the occupants in the car. The rescuers tie the hatchback to a rope and then people standing on the bank collectively pull the vehicle out of the river. The video shows that there are still passengers inside the vehicle.

We do not think that anyone got injured in this incident. As the details and information are not available, we are also not sure about the exact location of this incident. But since there are rafts and kayaks around, we think that this can be around the Zanskar or Indus River.

The river seems to be inflated due to recent rains and without help, the car could have washed away easily. We are also not sure how the car ended up in the river.

Driving to Ladakh

Hyundai Santro with passengers falls into river while heading to Ladakh: Rescued [Video]

People driving to the Ladakh region use two routes to reach the destination. There is the Srinagar – Leh highway and the Manali – Leh highway. Even though the authorities have improved the road conditions over the years and Border Roads Organisation BRO constantly works in the region to keep the roads in top-notch shape, accidents happen due to the challenging environment.

Most of the time, the roads remain secluded and people try to speed or drive with distractions. This is one of the major reasons for accidents in the region. While there are other factors like sudden weather changes and landslides that can also cause trouble, destructive driving remains one of the major reasons for accidents in the region.

The roads to Ladakh remain one of the most dangerous roads in the world and one should be extra cautious while driving through the region.

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