Cooking Maggi on the engine of a Hyundai Sonata Embera: Will it work? [Video]

For people who love to travel around the country in their cars, one of the major issues that come up often is regarding the availability of food. While exploring places far and wide is an exciting idea, travellers often had to face troubles when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. Fort he same, people usually carry eatables with them when on such drives. Several people also pre-plan the whole journey which saves them the pain of eating bad stuff. However, the remedy for this has always been with us but no one discovered it till now. We are talking about using the heat from your car’s engine to cook a healthy.. errr Maggi meal. At least that’s what this video below by MR. INDIAN HACKER claims. Let’s take a look at the video to see if this can be done for real or not.

In the video, we see a Hyundai Sonata Embera being used as the car on whose engine the Maggi experiment will take place. The guy in the video places a small steel utensil on the rear side of the engine. This utensil has been filled with water, Maggi and tastemaker. It has been covered with an aluminium foil and secured by using metal wired in the engine bay. Now the engine bay gets really hot because basically, there are explosions going on inside the cylinders. What remains to be seen is whether this experiment will be successful or not.

The guy then starts driving the Hyundai Sonata Embera in order to work up the engine and rise its temperature so that the Maggi utensil can get enough heat. After a decade of driving the car around, the guy finally stops to check if his experiment has failed or has he discovered the ultimate method of surviving apocalypse. After opening the hood of the car and taking out the by now super hot utensil, the aluminium foil unwrapped to check the result of the experiment.


The guy in the video had its Yureka moment right there since the Maggi really turned out to be cooked, though it seemed to be overcooked in some parts and undercooked in some parts. So, you have this invaluable hack now. When on a long trip, you can cook Maggi easily by following the above steps and satisfy your hunger. Maybe a bit more water and some sharp turns will yield a better result.

Or you can carry a few packs of instant noodles that can be made by just adding hot water. This will save you the ordeal of making all the arrangements and drive around pointlessly in order to cook Maggi. By the way, this video was just an experiment to see if it’s possible to cook Maggi on a car’s engine and should not be taken seriously.