Hyundai to launch the 2023 Verna sedan on March 21st: New car gets ADAS

The South Korean auto giant Hyundai’s Indian subsidiary Hyundai Motor India has finally announced the launch date for its highly anticipated mid-size sedan Verna’s newest generation. The company will be launching the model on the 21st of March. A small teaser of the car has been shared by the company showing glimpses of the car from the front, rear, and side.

Hyundai to launch the 2023 Verna sedan on March 21st: New car gets ADAS

From the small teaser clip, we can note that the design of the car will most likely be the same as the one in the video rendering of the 2023 Verna that we shared earlier today. As mentioned, the forthcoming Verna will boast an extremely aggressive exterior design this time around we believe that it would be the sharpest looking out of all its competition.

At the front, the upcoming mid-size sedan will boast a large parametric grille which we first saw in the company’s top-of-the-line SUV Tucson. This grille is being integrated into a ton of new Hyundai’s to tie them all together in the lineup. Apart from the grille, the front of the new Verna will have a split headlight and LED DRL setup. Although what will be the most unique part about this sedan will be that instead of offering a small LED DRL above the headlight it will get a long seamless LED DRL that will extend from one end to the other at the front giving it a distinctive appearance. The front bumper will be extremely sharp as well.

Taking about sharp things, the side profile of the 2023 Verna will also be extremely sharp as well. It will feature some of the most whetted body lines that we will see in the Indian car market. The sides will feature lines that will resemble a sideways M. The car will have the same silhouette as the outgoing model but will have a much higher waistline.

Then moving on the the rear the like in the rendering video the car will get a completely renovated design and will feature a much serrated decklid. It will also get a set of newly designed LED taillamps that will be connected with each other via strip of LED light. Furthermore, the Hyundai insignia will positioned in the center but will now get a VERNA moniker just below it. Most likely it will also boast an aggressive rear bumper as well.

Coming on the interior, as of yet not whole lot of information has surfaced online but we do know that it will be completely redesigned. It will feature an all-new dashboard and layout. Furthermore it will come loaded with features and connected car tech. Also one of the biggest highlights of the forthcoming Verna will be addition of ADAS features.

In terms of the powertrain most likely Hyundai will be offering the new Verna with an all-new most powerful engine in its segment. This will be a 1.5-liter turbo-petrol unit. The exact details of this engine’s specs are not yet available. However, rumors suggest that it might be able to generate 260–265 Nm of peak torque and 160 PS of peak power. This engine could come mated with manual and DCT transmissions, sources claim.

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