Hyundai Venue crashes into bikers at a junction: Who is at fault here? [Video]

With a high number of accidents on Indian roads daily, there is always something to learn from these accidents. Here is CCTV footage of a speeding Hyundai Venue crashing against a scooter suddenly coming onto the road. Who do you think is at fault here?

The CCTV footage shows a Hyundai Venue coming down a single-lane road. As the road is empty, the Venue seems to be doing a relatively decent speed. As the car approaches a junction, we can see two riders on a scooter suddenly entering the path of the Venue. They froze in front of the car as the vehicle was at high speed.

The Venue driver also got fixated on the target and crashed into the scooter. The impact caused the riders to fly through the air and fall down. Luckily with the pedestrian safety measures, nothing happened to both the riders and they were back on their feet soon after the accident.

But who was at fault here?

Hyundai Venue crashes into bikers at a junction: Who is at fault here? [Video]

In short, the scooter rider and the Venue driver, both were at fault here. As both the vehicles were approaching the junction, they should have slowed down be check the road before crossing it. The scooter rider suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of the Venue not leaving enough time for the driver to apply brakes. However, had he been at a slower speed, he could have stopped or avoided them altogether.

Also, the Hyundai Venue was in the wrong lane. In India, we drive on the left-hand side of the road and the Hyundai Venue was on its right-hand lane. The scooter rider did not expect the car to come from the wrong lane. The Cyberabad Police said that the driver was under the influence of alcohol and a case has been registered against him.

Slow down on junctions

The concept of right-of-way is non-existent in India, so it is advisable to reduce your speed when approaching a crossing to ensure road safety. It is also recommended to slow down while passing through populated areas like towns and villages when traveling on highways. Despite the existence of designated pedestrian crossings, many individuals choose to cross the highway randomly in order to save time, and there is also a high possibility of encountering stray animals and cattle in such areas.

It is important to maintain a safe speed on the highways, as incidents of locals riding on the wrong side of the road are quite common, especially near settlements or urban areas along the highways.