Hyundai Venue crashes into electric pole, causing transformer to fall on it: Passengers safe [Video]

The new Hyundai Venue facelift that came to the Indian market last year boasts of several safety features. This is first major accident of the Venue facelift. The car rammed an electric pole at a high-speed and kept the passengers safe even after the transformer fell on its roof.

The accident happened in Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh. According to the information, the Hyundai Venue driver tried to save a motorcycle rider that suddenly came in front of the car. The Venue got off the road and hit a transformer pole on the side of the road.

The impact caused the poles to break and the transformer to fall on the car. Transformer poles are pretty solid and it does take a high-speed impact to get a result like this.

Hyundai Venue crashes into electric pole, causing transformer to fall on it: Passengers safe [Video]

Video footage is from after the crash and it shows the massive impact and the transformer on the roof of the vehicle. However, there are no structural damages to the vehicle and the cabin has not been breached. The video shows that the front airbags have opened successfully ensuring the passengers are well-cushioned at the time of the accident. Both the passengers escaped with a few minor injuries because of the safety mechanisms in the Venue.

Venue variants now have a two-step recliner for rear seats, which should improve passenger comfort during long journeys. The updated Venue also features a 60:40 split design, three-point seat belts, and adjustable headrests for the rear seats. Apart from that, the Venue comes with 6 airbags. Also, the car boasts of AHSS or Advanced High Strength Steel for the chassis.

Slow down on roads

In India, the concept of right-of-way is not well-established, so it is advisable to reduce your speed when approaching a crossing to prioritize road safety. It is also recommended to slow down while passing through populated areas like towns and villages when traveling on highways. Despite the presence of designated pedestrian crossings, many individuals choose to cross the highway haphazardly in an attempt to save time, and there is a high likelihood of encountering stray animals and cattle in such areas.

Maintaining a safe speed on highways is crucial, as instances of locals riding on the wrong side of the road are quite common, especially near settlements or urban areas along the highways.

The pre-facelift Hyundai Venue was tested and rated by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). According to the ratings, the Hyundai Venue received a 4-star rating out of 5. In terms of adult safety, the Hyundai Venue achieved an impressive score of 91 percent, totaling 34.8 out of 38. The child occupancy score was 40/49, indicating a score of 81 percent. The Australian variant of the Hyundai Venue is equipped with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), which automatically applies the brakes when it detects pedestrians and other obstacles, such as cars, on the road.

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