Hyundai Venue driver tries to crush toll employees: Police launches manhunt to nab the driver [Video]

In a shocking incident, a private car – Hyundai Venue’s tried to mow down the toll booth employees in Dholpur, Rajasthan. The incident took place on 23rd July in broad daylight and the CCTV footage has now become viral on the Internet. The local police have launched a manhunt against the culprits.

The CCTV footage shows the toll employees talking to the driver of the Maruti Suzuki Swift. The employees have surrounded the car from all around. Suddenly, the Swift tries to escape from the spot but the toll booth employees run after it. One of them even punches the window of the Swift.

At the same time, a Hyundai Venue that was behind the Swift aggressively starts speeding towards the group of employees. From the video, the motive of mowing down the employees looks quite clear. The Hyundai Venue even hits a few employees around while others jump out of the way of the vehicle.

Hyundai Venue driver tries to crush toll employees: Police launches manhunt to nab the driver [Video]

Both the vehicles speed away from the Dholpur Toll Plaza. There is no detailed report of the incident till now. We are not sure if any of the employees got hurt during the incident but it sure looks like dangerous maneuvers by the Venue driver.

The reason for such behaviour is also not known as both vehicles have crossed the toll booth. It is possible that the vehicles did not have FasTag and the toll booth employees were demanding double payment as per the rule. However, the exact reason behind this incident remains unknown until now.

Police have launched a manhunt

Local police have launched a manhunt to nab the car owners. The police are currently scanning the footage to trace the vehicles. This is not the first time when a vehicle owner has attacked a toll employee in India. In the past, many attacks including shootings have happened.

In most cases, such incidents happen due to the payment of toll. Most people ask for discounts or a free pass based on invalid reasons. The NHAI has a set of rules for the exemption of the important people and locals. This list is available with the toll plaza.

Many people even make fake identity cards to get an exemption at the toll booths. The Government of India introduced the Fastag to deal with similar reasons. However, there are still many vehicles that do not have Fastag on them.

Even many locals have attacked the toll plazas in the past. Residents of Hejamadi village have now constructed a parallel road to bypass the toll booth. The new road was built on the busy Mangaluru-Udupi highway. After the FASTag became mandatory without any further extension of the deadlines earlier this year, Hejamadi residents were given a concession. However, four buses that pick up passengers from the village, did not get any concession.