Hyundai Venue Driver Using Roof As Extra Space To Seat Children Is Stupid [Video]

Children travelling on the roof of Venue

We have recently seen several incidents on the internet where people misuse the sunroof feature on their cars. People have been seen standing out of the sunroof of moving vehicles. Not only do they stand out, but some have even been seen performing stunts. Here, we have a video where a man from Hyderabad took things to the next level. He used the roof of his Hyundai Venue as extra space to carry people. The video has gone viral on the internet.


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The video was shared by Prateek Singh on his Instagram page. In this video, we see a Hyundai Venue slowly crawling through city traffic. Suddenly, two people are seen on the roof of the Venue. The Hyundai Venue is completely packed with passengers. In the video clip, the car is overloaded, and the rear of the car is completely compressed.

It looks like the family was on a short trip. Perhaps the driver and occupants kept their luggage in the boot, and there was not enough space for these two passengers. Rather than having them sit in another car or vehicle, the driver and the occupants decided to make these two kids sit on the roof of the Venue.

If you look carefully, one of them is lying on the roof while the other is sitting next to the first person. The passengers and children on the roof don’t seem worried at all. The car is slowly moving through heavy city traffic. The video was posted with the caption, “This video is from Hyderabad. He is using the roof for extra space and these children as luggage. The most confusing thing is that no one seems to have an issue. Are we really evolving? Shared by Saad.”

Hyundai Venue Driver Using Roof As Extra Space To Seat Children Is Stupid [Video]
Children travelling on the roof of Venue

This is an extremely risky thing to do, and we all know why. The chances of these children sliding down from the roof of the car onto the road and getting injured are very high. Any vehicle coming from behind could actually hit these kids and cause serious injuries. The car also looks overloaded, and driving an overloaded car is highly risky.

Losing balance in an overloaded car is very easy, which could cause injuries to the occupants inside the car. There is a possibility that the passengers were on a very short trip to a nearby place or were relocating.

However, that is no excuse to do such stunts. The car was being driven inside the city, and it could have easily been caught by a surveillance camera. The city police might have already issued a challan for this irresponsible behavior.

If not, we really want the concerned authorities to look into this matter and take appropriate action. Public roads are not for such stunts, and the person driving the car was not only risking the lives of the occupants and children but also causing inconvenience to other road users.

This is not the first time we have seen someone do such things in public. Last year, we saw a video of tourists in Goa who made their children lie on the roof of a moving Mahindra XUV700 SUV.