Hyundai Venue compact SUV disappears in a sinkhole in Mumbai rains

A shocking incident in Ghatkopar, Mumbai has become viral on the Internet. The footage taken from a balcony of a building shows the older-generation Hyundai Venue parked on the society parking. A sinkhole just below the Venue swallowed the whole vehicle and the car disappeared within a few seconds.

The incident happened in Ramnivas Society in Ghatkopar. According to the reports, the Venue was parked on the Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) parking that was made a few years ago. The spot caved in and swallowed the mid-size SUV.

No injuries were reported as there was no one inside the vehicle. However, the video shows that the brake lamps of the Venue are working. Since the video is available only halfway through the incident, we are not sure if the car was turned on at the time of the incident or the sinking in the water had caused electrical issues that lit up the brake lamps.

The traffic police were the first to respond to the call as they believed that the incident happened on the public road and it will create congestion. However, on reaching the spot, they saw that it happened on private property.

A well converted into parking

Hyundai Venue compact SUV disappears in a sinkhole in Mumbai rains

According to the traffic police, the society is located on Cama Lane and was constructed a few years ago. The society had a well and a portion of the well’s opening was closed using RCC. The area was getting used as a parking for the vehicles owned by the residents of the society.

Due to the heavy rainfall in that region, the structure gave away and Venue drowned through the sinkhole to disappear within a few seconds. It sure looks very scary and it would have been disastrous for anyone present in the car at that moment.

BMC did not take responsibility

Hyundai Venue compact SUV disappears in a sinkhole in Mumbai rains
Picture by Indian Express

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation released a statement within a few hours of the incident and said that they had nothing to do with the incident. Netizens blamed BMC after the video of the incident became viral on the Internet. According to the BMC statement,

“The incident took place in a private society compound. Nobody got injured in the incident as no one was inside the car. We are helping in pumping out water from the well and have asked the society to cordon off the well area after removing the car.”

The car belongs to Kiran Doshi. According to the police, the car was taken out using a crane.

Sinkholes are not uncommon

Sinkholes happen when the base of a structure weakens and collapses. It usually happens due to the rain. Flowing water causes soil erosion and it takes away the strength from the structure. That is why it is always a good idea to create a good base using RCC before building a structure.

This incident, however, is not a regular sinkhole. There is not solid structure underneath the RCC made for the vehicle’s parking.