Hyundai Venue Turbo Petrol goes CNG: Is India’s first [Video]

Hyundai Venue, the all-new car, which was launched earlier this year has already become quite popular in the market. In fact, the Venue has become the best-selling Utility Vehicle in the Indian market and even outsold the long-time best-seller – Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza in the Indian market. With the number of Venue compact SUVs sold in the Indian market, it has really become a common sight on the Indian roads and many have started experimented with the vehicle too. Well, here it is. India’s first CNG-powered Venue.

While we have seen that many car owners prefer the CNG over the regular petrol fuel, most of such owners wait for the warranty to get over. The video comes from the Infoclone who says that this is India’s first CNG kit installed on the Hyundai Venue. The kit has been fitted by Car Gas Point, Nashik, Maharashtra. According to the video, the warranty of the car will remain intact even after the installation of the kit.

Talking about the Venue, it is the SX petrol variant. The Venue SX petrol gets the 1.0-litre turbocharged, three-cylinder engine that generates a maximum power of 118 Bhp and peak torque of 172 Nm. After installing the CNG kit, the exact power and torque outputs are not known.

Hyundai Venue Turbo Petrol goes CNG: Is India’s first [Video]

The video further shows the components used in the car to make it work on CNG. While the vehicle gets all the regular components that are available with the stock Venue. However, one major change that we get to see in this CNG-enabled Venue is the ECU update. According to the video, the ECU has been specifically updated for this vehicle. This has been done because the Venue is powered by a turbocharged petrol engine, which requires a different tuning than the naturally aspirated cars. Most of the vehicles with CNG kit are naturally aspirated.

The video also shows a 14 kg tank wrapped in the cloth in the boot space. It can hold CNG for up to 9-10 kg. There are no other changes in the car on the outside. However, there is a moniker in the rear of the vehicle that says “CNG”. The moniker has been placed in a way that it reads Turbo CNG, which is something that we do not get to see much. Besides the steering wheel, a switch has been placed that can be used to change from CNG to petrol and vice-versa.

The video further reveals that the car starts on regular petrol fuel in the morning and then when the temperature reaches an optimum level, the CNG fuel can be used instead.

In the video, he drives the car around and says that there is not much change when the shift from petrol to CNG happens. The car continued to work smoothly but with a delayed turbo spool.