How to top-up your Hyundai Venue’s engine oil, brake oil & coolant: Do it yourself! [Video]

The nationwide lockdown has affected almost everyone in the country. Factories, offices, educational institutions were all closed and the vehicles we used on a daily basis were also stationary  for quite a long time. During that time, car makers had come up with relevant videos that explained how one should take care of vehicles during that time. Now, Hyundai has come up with another video that explains how one can top-up engine oil, brake oil and coolant in their Venue compact SUV on their own.

Hyundai has shared three videos that explain the process clearly. First video is for the engine oil top-up. The engine oil is one of the most important consumable in any car featuring an engine. This helps lubricate the parts and helps it function smoothly. The video asks Venue owners to park the vehicle on a level ground and then start the engine for 5 mins so that it can reach normal operating temperature. After 5 mins switch off the car, open the bonnet and pull out the dip stick.

After cleaning the tip with a clean cloth or tissue re-insert it and pull it back to check the level. If the oil level is between full and low then it has enough oil in it. If it is below the required level, then remove the engine oil filler cap and top-up with an engine oil that is recommended by the brand. Make sure that you do not overfill and keep the dipstick and engine oil cap away from dust particles. It is always good idea to check the oil levels in the engine at regular intervals.

The second video shows how to top-up brake fluid, which helps in smooth functioning of brake and clutch system. The brake fluid is stored in a container under the bonnet. Normally the level should be between Maximum and minimum. If the levels are lower than that, then refill it with recommended brake fluids. if the levels are dropping very often then it is better to get the vehicle inspected from an authorised dealership near you.

The last video shows how to refill the coolant in a Hyundai Venue. Coolant makes sure that the vehicle’s engine does not overheat. The levels are normally between the high and low marks on the coolant container when the temperature of the car is cool. If you find that the levels are low then refill it till it reaches the maximum level and it is recommended to have look at the coolant once an year and especially before the winter season or before heading to a place with colder temperature. Never open the coolant box cap if the car is heating and also it advised not to drive around without adequate engine coolant as it will affect the engine.

How to top-up your Hyundai Venue’s engine oil, brake oil & coolant: Do it yourself! [Video]