Hyundai Verna crashes into stray cattle at high speed: Caught on camera

hyundai verna cow crash featured

We already know that driving on Indian roads is a challenge. Apart from reckless driving and riding, factors like jaywalkers and cattle create inconvenience for road users. Stray cattle and wild animals often pose a threat to drivers, resulting in accidents. There have been cases where such animals have caused accidents on roads, damaging cars and injuring the animals. Here, we have two incidents from Tamil Nadu where cattle crossing the road caused accidents.

The video was shared by Prateek Singh. The first accident occurred somewhere in Tamil Nadu. A person driving a Tata Punch was passing through a 2-lane highway in a village at a decent speed. As the Punch driver approached a curve, a cattle appeared on the road. In an attempt to avoid hitting the cow, the car driver applied brakes and managed to stop. However, a Nissan Magnite following closely behind couldn’t stop in time.

As the Tata Punch came to a stop, the Magnite driver, unable to react quickly, rear-ended the Tata Punch, causing damage to both SUVs. The rear of the Tata Punch, including the boot, tail lamps, and bumper, suffered severe damage. The Nissan Magnite had damage to its front grille, headlamps, bonnet, and bumper. Fortunately, passengers in both SUVs were unharmed.

The second incident was reported from the Union Territory of Puducherry, recorded by a CCTV camera outside a house. The owner, who follows Prateek Singh, shared the video. Similar to the first case, this accident occurred on a busy two-lane highway with vehicles passing in both directions. A few cattle were being herded along the side of the road by a person.

Hyundai Verna crashes into stray cattle at high speed: Caught on camera
Verna hits cow

It seemed the herder was managing the situation well, keeping the cattle away from the vehicles. However, one cow from the herd crossed to the other side of the road, ignoring the approaching Hyundai Verna. These animals do not comprehend road safety like humans.

The cow, likely following the herd, crossed the road, and despite the Verna driver’s attempt to avoid a collision, the car hit the cow abruptly. The impact sent the cow airborne, causing severe injuries. The fate of the cow post-crash remains uncertain. The car driver swerved, attempting to avoid the collision, but unfortunately couldn’t prevent it. Fortunately, there was no oncoming vehicle in the opposite lane.

Although the Hyundai Verna sustained front-end damage, there are no images or videos documenting it. Locals gathered to assess the condition of the cattle and the car occupants. This underscores the importance of staying alert while driving in India. Practicing defensive driving, anticipating worst-case scenarios, and taking preventive measures are crucial. Authorities should take action against owners who let their domestic cattle roam freely on roads. Additionally, maintaining a safe driving speed, especially in unfamiliar areas, is essential. In such cases, locals gather around the car driver and ask for compensation in such accidents. There have even been cases where these people harass the car occupants. If you ever find yourself in such a situation always call police for helps and never engage with the locals. Also install a dash camera in your vehicle to prove your innocence.