This Hyundai Verna Diesel’s modified exhaust sounds so good, costs just Rs. 7,000 [Video]

Aftermarket exhausts and tuning kits are one of the most common types of modifications done on car and bikes. This is because of their relatively low cost (though high-end units can cost a bomb) and high mod impact. A good exhaust kit that is within the legal decibel levels makes head turns wherever you take your vehicle. However, petrol cars are usually preferred in general for aftermarket exhausts as petrol engines respond better to such mods. Which brings us to the car featured here today. The Hyundai Verna featured below is fitted with a custom straight pipe (free-flow) exhaust apart from a whole lot of other accessories and modifications. Take a look at the video to hear what it sounds like.

As seen, or better, as heard in the video above by JJ Automobile Vlogs, this modified Verna sounds truly badass. It’s easy to mistake it for a petrol-engined car after listening to that brawl note, though more experienced auto connoisseurs will know the difference. The Hyundai Verna is quite a stylish car in the C-segment sedans but isn’t that famous in the mod circuits due to reasons like it lifeless steering among others, though the latest generation model has a better steering feel. This one probably might be among the few diesel Vernas in the country to have such a great sounding exhaust which makes it quite special. Let’s now take a look at what all has been done on this car before discussing more about the exhaust.

One look at it and those attractive wheels catch your attention almost instantly. The split five-spoke alloys are 17-inch units shod on with 215/45 section tires all around. The front end gets a bumper lip with silver-grey carbon fibre finish. The foglamps housings now get LED DRLs that double up as turn indicators also. There is a black and orange strip vinyl strip going over the bumper on one side which gives the sedan a sporty look. There is further chrome detailing on the sides and rear which enhance the overall look of the car.

This Hyundai Verna Diesel’s modified exhaust sounds so good, costs just Rs. 7,000 [Video]

Talking about the interiors, they also have been freshened up and now sport a tan shade upholstery along with tan inserts on the door pads. The leather seat upholstery looks quite good and fits snugly in place. Coming to the exhausts installed on this Verna again, it is a free flow unit that is custom fabricated for this car. The reason for the punchy sound this car now makes is because of these free flow pipes which help the engine breathe more easily. The owner of this car has gone for twin steel exhaust tips placed on the right side of the car. What is even more interesting to know is the overall cost, which is just around Rs. 6,000 to 7,000 according to the owner.

A simple set of straight pipes, as fitted on this car, are in fact quite inexpensive. However, when going for a proper exhaust upgrade, the air filter among other thing are to be upgraded as well which takes up the total cost. Also, free-flow exhausts cause more harm to the environment due to the lack of a catylitic converter. Talking about any performance benefits of installing a free-flow exhaust, the horsepower is slightly bumped up which results in better acceleration, though the fuel efficiency takes a small hit. The top end also gets a bit down due to the lack of any backpressure, though this varies depending on different engines and cars.