Two youngsters die in a high speed Hyundai Verna crash

Overspeeding and rash driving are two major causes of accidents on Indian roads. Two youngsters were killed while two others were critically injured when the car they were travelling in met with a major accident at Vishakapatnam (Vizag) on Sunday.

What exactly happened here:

Two youngsters die in a high speed Hyundai Verna crash

The group of 4 friends were returning from a party late at night in Visakhapatnam when the crash occured. From the police report, it is believed that the driver of the car was speeding. On seeing a police check post up front, he tried to turn away from it and the car lost control after hitting a speed breaker and got wrapped around a tree.

The damage, which you can see from the image and the video posted below, was so massive that the driver lost his life immediately and the person sitting behind him died on the spot as well. Removing the injured was a tough job, given how much damage the car sustained. The car had to be cut in order for the injured to be removed. The injured were finally transferred to a corporate hospital where they are undergoing treatment.

Car damage

The car has been totalled and it is very tough to even recognise it, if you happen to look at it from the driver’s side. Since the impact was one at high speeds, the driver and the occupant behind him didn’t stand a chance of survival, since the impact was on their side. Though the airbags did deploy, they wouldn’t have been of much use. Such was the impact that the steering wheel has been dislodged and is now on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Here is a video of the aftermath:


The incident occured on the Beach Road near Visalakshinagar. This has been a common spot for accidents over the past few years with 12 of them being reported in the past 3 years. These 12 accidents have resulted in 9 deaths.

Why can overspeeding kill

Speed is something that thrills all us enthusiasts. The feeling of the adrenaline pumping in the body at higher speeds is unmatched. However, overspeeding in our country is something that could easily result in loss of life, as can be seen here. The reasons behind that are:

  1. Most cars in India have been setup keeping comfort in mind. Given our road conditions, that is a blessing in disguise for our daily commute. However, having a soft suspension setup reduces the handling capabilities of the car, which means at higher speeds, losing control is easy.
  2. Our roads are filled with people who don’t wish to follow the law. Someone may suddenly cut through from somewhere, making it very easy for you to lose control.
  3. Physics. To simply put it, the higher the speed, the higher the momentum the car will possess. The higher the momentum, the higher will be the impact. However safe the car is, as the speeds increase, chances of survival in a crash reduce, mainly down to the forces that act on your body at the time of a crash. Even the safest cars are crash tested at 64 kmph only.
  4. Higher speeds equate to larger braking distances. This is something which one must remember when going fast.
  5. In most parts of India, poorly designed roads with inadequate lighting are the norm rather than the exception.

Is there any way to enjoy the car safely?

Yes, it is possible. There are a few race tracks that have been setup across the country where you can experience your car to its full potential. Other than that, there are many events that are officially conducted across the country, like Autocross, rallies, etc where in you can get to enjoy driving. Speeding on public roads is something that should be avoided as it is unsafe not only for you, but other road users as well.

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