Hyundai Verna: Pros and cons

The Hyundai Verna has been around for a while now, it is a popular car but if you are about to buy one you will want to know both its pros and cons. Here take a look at what’s good about the Verna and what could be a matter of concern for you as a future owner.

What’s good about the Hyundai Verna?

Hyundai Verna: Pros and cons

The modern and sporty styling of the Verna is a definite positive, in fact looks have become important criteria for buyers in India and the Hyundai Verna delivers on that front. It is a good looking sedan that instantly grabs attention.

Another reason for you to buy the Verna is its feature list. It offers more features compared to its rivals and is an ideal car for those who love their gadgets. Whether it be Bluetooth connectivity, auto-folding mirrors, parking camera, push-button start; the Verna has it all. Another good thing is that the 1.6 litre engine offers the highest power in class. Also read: Hyundai Verna video review

Other positives about the Verna would be that fact that it offers good mileage, in both its diesel and petrol avatars. Its pricing too is attractive and the wide array of variants makes it even more lucrative for buyers with specific budgets and needs. To top it all the Verna by virtue of being a popular Hyundai sedan also has good resale value, if you ever decide to part with one!

What’s bad about the Verna?

For all that it’s worth the Verna lacks safety equipment on the lower end variants, which can be a let down. Its suspension setup is soft and unless you can live with that body roll it’s not a good choice. That also makes it a complete no-no for enthusiastic drivers. More so because it’s handling is not up to the mark especially if you want to take sharp turns or drive fast. Another downside to the Verna is its rear seats which are a bit too low for comfort.