Hyundai Verna vs Ford Aspire in a drag race: Who wins? [Video]

You might have pondered while reading the title that the Hyundai Verna and the Ford Aspire are both sedans but from different segments. One is a large C segment sedan that is known for its feature-rich interiors and powerful engine while the other is a compact sedan but with a stonker of a diesel engine. However, that is the point of this challenge, to see if the more powerful and plush but heavier Hyundai Verna takes the crown here or the less powerful but lighter Aspire gets receives glory. Check out the video below by Drive King to see both the cars in action, pitted against each other in a classic drag race.

The drag race in this video is conducted in two rounds between the Hyundai Verna and the Ford Aspire. As seen in the video, the Aspire wins the drag race in both the rounds. Both the rounds saw different cars taking the lead at the start but the end result stayed the same, that is, the Ford Aspire takes the crown here. In the first round, the Aspire takes the lead in from the start and maintains it throughout the race while the Verna tries hard to get ahead of the former. In the second round, the Hyundai Verna takes the lead at start while the Aspire starts out a bit late. However, by the time the Hyundai Verna shifts into 3rd gear, the Aspire overtakes it and again goes for the trophy.

Talking about the results here, there are several reasons for why the Hyundai Verna lost to the Ford Aspire. But before getting on them, let’s take a look at the powertrains of both these cars. The Hyundai Verna here is powered by 1582 cc diesel engine that pumps out a healthy 126 Bhp of power along with 260 Nm of torque. The Ford Aspire, on the other hand, gets powered by a 1498 cc engine that puts out 99 Bhp of power along with 215 Nm of torque. Going purely by horsepower figures, the Verna is much more powerful than the Aspire but the winner of the drag race is the Aspire. Let’s now take a look at the reasons that are involved behind this result.

Hyundai Verna vs Ford Aspire in a drag race: Who wins? [Video]

First of all, the Ford Aspire is clearly lighter in weight than the Hyundai sedan. The Verna being a C-segment sedan is longer and wider than the Aspire and comes with a lot more features as well as a bigger engine, all of which adds to its weight. Now the weight is a very important factor in determining the winner in short drag races like this one and hence the ford Aspire wins due to its better power to weight ratio. It is quite possible that the Verna might have won if the race was for a longer duration or distance. Secondly, the launch timings and driver skills are something that affects the outcome of any race. Further, Verna’s engine is more tuned for easy and relaxed driving rather than outright performance.

Therefore, in this drag race, we have a winner in the form of the Ford Aspire. Hyundai will bring a new generation model of the Verna that is expected to arrive here by 2020 and will come with several new features along with mechanical changes. A drag race between the new generation Aspire and the new generation Hyundai Verna would then perhaps yield a different result. for the time being though, the Aspire stands as the winner between these two sedans.