Woman in Hyundai Verna throws garbage into river: Car seized

Dumping garbage in the rivers is illegal in many states in India but there are still many who do it regularly. In a time when the whole country is facing a severe second wave of COVID-19, the authorities are urging the citizens to follow the protocols to keep everyone around safe. A woman in Mangaluru, Karnataka took extra efforts to dump garbage in a river. The authorities have now seized her car.

The video shot by an environmentalist shows a Hyundai Verna parked on a bridge with high steel fencing. The incident happens on the bridge over the Netharavati river, which is considered sacred by many. However, most religious followers take the wastes used to worship and throw them out in the river as it is considered sacred.

The video shows two women coming out of the Hyundai Verna and throwing a big polybag over the high steel fencing. She did take extra effort to ensure that the waste falls in the river itself. Both the ladies got inside the vehicle once the waste was dumped successfully and drove off the spot.

Woman in Hyundai Verna throws garbage into river: Car seized

After the environmentalist uploaded the video, it became viral on the Internet. After the video was circulated online, it drew strong criticism from the online viewers prompting the authorities to take action.

Legal action against the woman

Since the registration number of the vehicle was clearly visible in the video, it did not take much time for the authorities to trace the culprits. Mangalore City police swung into action and booked a case against the accused. The police instigated several sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against the accused.

City police commissioner N Sashi Kumar has said that they have invoked IPC sections 269 (negligent act likely to spread infection diseased dangerous to life), 270 (malignant act likely to spread infectious disease dangerous to life). The police have also booked the women under section 51(b) of the Disaster Management Act at Kankanady Town police station.

In a statement, police commissioner N Sashi Kumar said,

“The garbage thrown into a river which is worshipped by many and said to be the lifeline of Dakshina Kannada district, especially during this raging pandemic, is an offence punishable under the IPC Sections,”

The accused have been identified as Shailaka Nayak, Rachana Nayaka and Susheela. The police have also seized the vehicle and have parked it in a police compound. The vehicle is registered to an address that is in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Polluted Indian rivers

Due to the immersion of the idols, throwing religious waste in the rivers and industrial pollution causes rivers to die and unfit for humans. India has one of the highest numbers of polluted rivers in the world. That is why many state governments have now made it illegal to throw any kind of waste in the rivers.

In fact, many bridges that cross the rivers across India have now tall fences to discourage people from throwing such waste. However, that does not stop many as they continue to find other ways to dispose waste in the rivers.