Hyundai Venue SUV to get BlueLink smartphone technology: Watch it in action [Video]

Hyundai Blue Link Technology Feature

Hyundai unveiled the Venue sub-4 meter SUV a few days back which will be the first car by the company to feature the BlueLink technology. The BlueLink technology actually is a connected vehicle system developed in-house at Hyundai. With this, Hyundai will be the first manufacturer to offer a smart connectivity cum assistant option on a vehicle in India when it launches the Venue next month. The upcoming MG Hector will also come with a similar smart connectivity feature. The video below by Tech Harbour shows us some of the benefits of the BlueLink technology in Hyundai cars.

The video above actually is a compilation of four Hyundai TVC’s. Each of the clip in the above video highlights a particular function in an interesting manner. Depicting the BlueLink AI is a lady dressed in a sharp blue body suit. She assists a couple, who own a Hyundai car, in their various trips. In the first clip, we see the push map feature of BlueLink Technology. The couple gets lost out somewhere while driving and then select the push maps option which immediately brings the BlueLink AI (depicted by the lady in a blue body suit) into action and suggests the right path to take the car towards. The push map feature comes under the umbrella of location-based services which also include live traffic information and share the destination among others.

Hyundai Venue SUV to get BlueLink smartphone technology: Watch it in action [Video]

The second clip shows us a different feature, called interactive voice recognition. The AI based voice assist system included in the package has been specially programmed to understand India-accented English. This means no more repetition and frustration when using voice controls. The third clip shows another very useful feature, called vehicle tracking and immobilization. This is a really important feature as through this one can monitor the location of their car very easily and immobilise the engine if some tries to steal it.

The last clip shows several features like remote engine start/stop, remote climate control, and find my car. All these features will be part of a total 33 features in the upcoming Venue. Moreover, 10 features of all the 33 features in the BlueLink system are developed specifically for India. The upcoming Venue will be the only car in the segment to offer connected features. The Venue will offer Blue Link connectivity solution that will allow the owners to control the vehicle remotely as well as make the vehicle much more convenient to drive around.

Hyundai Venue SUV to get BlueLink smartphone technology: Watch it in action [Video]

The Venue will also get an eSIM that, however, will be available only with the DCT automatic variants of the Venue. It will allow users to track the car, add geo-fence, get updates about overspeeding, tow-away, time fencing, the vehicle remote on a smartphone, SOS calls, customer support, real-time traffic information, remotely check the car status, find the car and India-specific voice assistance.