Rusting Tata Sumo Resto-Modded To Perfection [Video]

Tata Sumo complete restoration

The Tata Sumo holds a cherished place in India’s automotive history as a Multi-Utility Vehicle (MUV). This particular MUV managed to capture the hearts of many since its introduction in 1994. Despite its eventual discontinuation due to evolving emission and safety regulations, the nostalgia and fond memories associated with this iconic vehicle even live today. Recently, an incredible restoration project of one such old Tata Sumo was shared online.

This video of the Tata Sumo restoration came courtesy of Autorounders from YouTube. In this transformation video, the professional body shop breathed new life into an old Tata Sumo, transforming it into a stunning example of automotive craftsmanship.

The Restoration Process

The restoration process of this old white Tata Sumo, which was in a very poor state, started upon its arrival at the Autorounders workshop. It was noted that it was visibly aged and was suffering from the main issue of rust. However, despite all the issues, the owner wanted to restore this car as they had a deep attachment to it.

Following the introduction, the process of meticulous restoration of this Tata Sumo commenced. For this, the technicians of the shop first disassembled exterior components of the MUV. These included parts such as the front grille, headlamps, bumper, and tail lamps.

The video then showed the technicians addressing the dents and rust on the vehicle, which posed a significant challenge. They utilized their advanced dent puller machines and technicians to completely repair all the dents. Following this, all of the body panels were restored to their original shape.

Additionally, in order to do the restoration properly, all the rust-affected sections were carefully removed. They were then patched using new metal pieces that were welded in place. Following this rust removal process, a layer of putty was applied to ensure a seamless surface. It was then followed by the application of primer to prepare the vehicle for its new coat of paint.

The Transformation

Following the restoration of the body structure, it was time to paint the Tata Sumo. For this, the owner of the car was suggested by the shop owner to opt for a dual-tone finish. For this, the upper half of the vehicle was finished in black.

Meanwhile, the lower half was painted in a lovely silver shade. The vehicle was then transported to the paint booth. Following this, the Sumo was completely resprayed according to the new plan.

Rusting Tata Sumo Resto-Modded To Perfection [Video]

Interior Update

This particular restoration project was extended beyond the vehicle’s exterior. It also included a comprehensive overhaul of the interior. For this, the entire dashboard and seats were removed, following which a new sleek-looking black roof liner was installed. It was also given galaxy roof lights.

Additionally, custom-made seat covers were also added to the Tata Sumo. Also, the shop added a lot of ambient lighting on the inside of the car to add to the modern appeal following its thorough restoration. The dashboard and steering wheel also received a new black paint job. It was also given an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system as well.