Dad exposes newborn to loud Ducati superbike exhaust for Instagram reel: Gets called out for stupidity [Video]

There is no dearth of social media creators in the present-day world. Many social media influencers record things to stand out so that they can gain followers. Here is one such incident recorded on camera. The incident is becoming viral on the Internet and is getting criticized by many.


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The video on Instagram by Rutvik Patel shows a newborn getting exposed to loud sounds. The person in the video, presumably Rutvik Patel has the newborn in his arm. There is a crying sound in the video. The person puts the Ducati Panigale V4 in neutral gear and starts the bike. Notably, the bike was parked in an indoor garage when it is started.

With a loud thunder, the Ducati Panigale V4 starts and immediately the crying stops. Since the bike is parked indoor, in a closed garage, the rumble of the exhaust note seems to be much higher because of the echoing.

The Ducati Panigale V4 parked in the garage does not have the stock exhausts. It gets the full-exhaust system likely from Akrapovic. It seems like that the DB killer is not installed in this exhaust, which makes it very loud, especially for an infant.

Why you should not do it?

Dad exposes newborn to loud Ducati superbike exhaust for Instagram reel: Gets called out for stupidity [Video]

First of all, it is extremely loud for a newborn. Aftermarket exhaust systems are loud and can range up to 118 db. For perspective, a chainsaw operates at 120 db and fighter jets with afterburner can be as loud as 130 db.

Newborns are extremely delicate, and hearing loss may happen in the newborns if they are exposed to sounds above 80 db. This Ducati Panigale is definitely louder than that level. The newborn can also get scared due to such loud noise and can feel trauma. Since they cannot express their feelings, it is difficult to understand and adults need to be much more careful.

Also, starting up an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) inside a closed garage can be dangerous. Carbon Monoxide can build up quickly inside the closed spaces and harm the newborn. There have been multiple cases of fatalities because of keeping the engine one inside a closed space.

While we cannot advise on how a parent should handle their newborn, we simply want to highlight that this is not a safe practice and it can harm the infant very much.