10 characteristics of IDIOTIC Indian motorcycle & scooter riders

India is the world’s largest market for two-wheelers. With millions of two-wheelers on the roads across the length and breadth of the country, it is difficult to find a space without them. While there are many sensible two-wheeler riders and bikers, a large portion of them does many idiotic and annoying things that can lead to accidents and cause a lot of inconvenience to the other road users. Here is a list of ten such idiotic characteristics Indian motorcycle and scooter riders and we are sure, you have faced them too.

Riding on the wrong side with confidence


There are a lot of two-wheeler riders who choose the displacement over distance. Yes, instead of taking the proper way and take a U-turn, many two-wheeler riders find it more convenient to ride on the wrong side of the lane and put everyone in danger. Such riders are common inside the city limits as well as the highways and we are sure you have seen many of them.

Jump the divider

10 characteristics of IDIOTIC Indian motorcycle & scooter riders

Most of the two-wheelers sold in India are lightweight commuter class vehicles. They are agile and many take advantage of them by jumping the divider. Yes, after missing the turn or spotting a police checkpoint ahead, two-wheeler riders rush to the divider, put all their efforts to make their vehicle go to the other side at the cost of putting others in danger.


Weaving on the roads is generally characteristic of the young riders. We have seen on them of the public road paying no heed to the lane discipline. Be it slow-moving traffic inside the city or high-speed traffic on the highways, you will find these two-wheeler riders taking the closest gaps and raising the heartbeat of everyone else on the roads.

Footpath riders

10 characteristics of IDIOTIC Indian motorcycle & scooter riders

Yes, they are most common in the cities where traffic is abundant and that’s almost all the cities in India. To beat the traffic, the two-wheeler riders get on the footpath and go ahead of the jam. This creates a chaos of the pedestrians and when they join back the main road, it further creates a jam causing more chaos.

‘Sleek’ no-ORVM riders

10 characteristics of IDIOTIC Indian motorcycle & scooter riders

The first thing that many two-wheeler owners do after buying a new vehicle is removing the ORVMs. Yes, many such riders think that it looks “cool” and they don’t need it. Well, they do turn a blind eye to the traffic behind them and cut lanes without checking the traffic properly. It has almost killed many bikers and has caused a lot of accidents.


You will find them quite often doing a wheelie on the public roads. Most often, they do not wear any riding gear and think that they own the road. They create a massive ruckus on the road and also distract other people. Also, their stunts in the highly uncontrolled area can go wrong anytime and create fatal accidents.

Chatting and riding

They are one of the most annoying riders on the road. Riding at slower speeds and talking about all the important things that they have to discuss while riding. Most of these riders are distracted and give angry looks whenever you honk at them and ask for the way. They are also highly dangerous and can collide into each other at the slightest distraction.

Texting, Talking on the phone

10 characteristics of IDIOTIC Indian motorcycle & scooter riders

While there are many riders who smartly put the phones inside their helmets and keep on talking while riding, there are many more who use the headphones and do not realise that there are vehicles behind them. Well, the cops often issue fines to them. Then there is a different breed of riders who text while riding and they are the most dangerous ones!

10 characteristics of IDIOTIC Indian motorcycle & scooter riders

Loading up the vehicle

10 characteristics of IDIOTIC Indian motorcycle & scooter riders

Most two-wheelers are meant for two people but since Indians have large families and group of friends who like to travel together, they overload the motorcycles and scooters by a great number. There are many instances where the cops have requested such people to not overload the two-wheelers as it can lead to disbalance and falling off.

Using a helmet only after spotting the cops

10 characteristics of IDIOTIC Indian motorcycle & scooter riders

Since the helmets have become mandatory in India, there are many two-wheeler owners who have protested against it. Since the law did not change, they now carry a helmet in their arm and wear it only after spotting the cop. Well, they can be extremely dangerous and in a bid to quickly put up the helmet, they get distracted and lose balance too.