Motorcycle accessories that cause more harm than good

Thre are many who want to keep their vehicles in stock condition while many others want to add as much aftermarket accessories as possible. Well, some accessories do more harm than good and it is true of every kind of vehicle. Here is a list of accessories that can ruin your riding experience and your motorcycle too.

Tractor-styled exhausts

There is a crackdown against the aftermarket exhausts all through India and many challans have been issued heavy challans and in a few cases, expensive exhausts have been destroyed too. Tractor-styled exhausts are quite popular in villages. Here is a video of the tractor-styled exhaust on Hero Splendor. The exhaust is located quite close to the rider and they can cause temporary deafness to the rider too. Also, it blocks the view of the rider and can even get skin burns.

Extra-wide tyres

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Extra-wide tyres on bikes make them look extremely eye-catchy. However, these are all-show, no-work. The extra-wide tyres are much heavier than the stock ones and can make manoeuvrability of the bike a major concern. It will also affect the suspension of the bike and the mileage of the bike too.

Extra lights

Lights In Front

Auxiliary lamps are quite useful while riding on unlit Indian highways or trails at night. However, too many of them can be dangerous for the bike’s electrical system and also for the oncoming traffic. So many lamps will also have a lot of weight, which can again become an issue when it comes to handling.

Fur seat cover

Fur Seat

Aftermarket seats for motorcycles are quite popular but making seat covers out of slippery material like silk or fur can be very dangerous. Since it does not offer much friction, the rider can slip from the bike under hard braking. It sure will be an uncomfortable ride while trying to keep the body balanced while riding.

Pressure horns

Royal Enfield Pressure Horn

Pressure horns are illegal in India and many other countries for good reasons – they are extremely loud, causes noise pollution and can shock other road users. Pressure horns can also cause electrical failure in the bike too.

Extra-wide crash guards

Royal Enfield 1

Many people put on the extra-wide crash guard, which can make the handling of the bike quite difficult. The extra-wide crash bars can disbalance the motorcycle and make it difficult to ride through thick traffic of the city roads.

Multi-coloured headlamps

There is a fashion of multi-coloured headlamps in many cities in India. It might look great in videos and pictures but in real life, it can be a major hazard. Multi-colour headlamps can reduce the visibility of the road and also makes you less visible to the other vehicles.

Rear mudguard removal

Ktm Bike

Rear mudguards do a lot more than just sitting there and making the bike look complete. During the rainy seasons and in general times, the mudguard saves the bike from direct splashes caused by the rear tyre of the bike. If the bike goes through a bigger puddle, the whole back of the rider can get splashed. This is why rear mudguard needs to be in place.

Strobe lights

Light strobes are used to gather attention on the roads. That’s by emergency vehicles and in emergency situations, strobes are used. Using them behind a regular two-wheeler can be very dangerous. Since the light flashes at high speed, it gathers a lot of attention. Also, strobes flashes can blind the person behind you and they can simply run into your vehicle.