If Tesla launches a semi-truck in India, this is what it'll look like

If Tesla launches a semi-truck in India, this is what it’ll look like

Just days ago, Tesla founder Elon Musk took the wraps of his firm’s latest vehicle – the Tesla Semi truck. Like all things Tesla, the Semi that Musk showcased looked very futuristic. Now, some imaginative Reddit users have photoshopped how this truck could look like if it ever hit Indian roads, replete with colourful signs and all. Here, take a look!

First, a user on Reddit India, wazbir, posted the image you see below. The post immediately attracted lots of upvotes. Then, another user Saitaney modified it adding an Indian background as well as more accurate decals (see above).

tesla semi truck in india photoshop
Tesla semi, photoshop 1!

The first Tesla Semi trucks are expected to go into production in late 2019, or early 2020. They’ll cost at least $ 100,000 each, and that’s excluding the battery pack. The truck will have four electric motors, one behind each of the four rear wheels.

Musk has indicated that the Semi truck can do 500 miles or 800 kilometers per charge of its batteries, which will sit in the floor of the cabin. There will be a 30 minute fast charge option that’ll give the truck a 400 mile range. Musk has claimed that the Tesla Semi would cost 20 % lesser to operate than a regular diesel truck.

And this is what the real Tesla Semi looks like…

Musk has also indicated that the Tesla Semi truck will be able to drive semi-autonomously. The driver will sit in the center of the cab, with two touchscreens on either of her/his side. While one screen will handle vehicle functions settings that handle the loading area, the other screen will have navigation and infotainment options.

Tesla Semi cabin. Notice the twin screens on either side of the driver seat.

The truck won’t have regular wing mirrors,instead relying on cameras that beam videos of the sides of the Semi onto the two touchscreens mounted within the cabin. Basically, it’ll be a super futuristic way of getting goods from one place to another, with none of the noxious black smoke coming out of the tail-pipe.

India and Tesla!

Will this Tesla Semi truck ever make it to India? Well, that’s a question only Elon Musk, and probably the Indian government can answer. Tesla has been talking about setting up a factory in India but has also been complaining about the high import duties that makes operations unviable. The Indian government for its part, has promised a conducive environment if Tesla sets shop here. However, China went on to bag the first Tesla factory outside the United States. With that, Tesla’s Indian ambitions remain under a cloud, at least for now.