Illegal bullock cart racing in Mumbai: Drunk bullocks lose balance and crash into cars [Video]

Drag racing cars on city roads is not a piece of uncommon news in India, although, in a rather bizarre turn of events, a video on the internet has surfaced in which people were seen racing bullock carts on the streets. Yes, as weird as it may sound in 2023, people are still riding bullock carts and unfortunately, they are not doing this for any productive reasons. Instead, they are using these innocent animals to feed their adrenaline rush by racing them against each other.

Recently a video was shared on Instagram by a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) – People for Animals (PFA) which showed this act of animal cruelty. According to the video, there were two separate races that were held. In the first race was held near Bangladesh Cricket Ground in Mumbai. In this race, the riders were sitting on the bullock cart and were continuously hurling the bulls to run faster and a bike was riding along the bullock cart recording this whole ordeal.

It can be noted from the video that this whole act of stupidity was being carried out on public roads where people were present in large numbers. In the video we can see that the bulls were trying to run as fast as they but after a while they lost control and because of the loss of sense of direction they eventually crashed into a parked Vitara Brezza.

Additionally in the same video another similar instance of recored on the video in which two different groups of men were riding two different bullock carts and were racing them against each other on the Mira-Bhayandar, Flyover (Golden Nest to Maxus Mall). In this video the scenes were even more cruel as the abhorrent group of men were seen poking these animals with sticks to make them run faster. In the second video a the bull on the right cart could be seen collapsing in front.

Illegal bullock cart racing in Mumbai: Drunk bullocks lose balance and crash into cars [Video]

The caption of the video stated, “The bulls were given alcohol . The bullock cart riders used long pointed sharp sticks to poke the bullocks in their anuses to make them run faster . Motorcycles were speeding next to the bulls. As a result the bullocks lost their balance out of pain and crashed into cars , probably dying in the process with broken legs. This kind of “amusement” is illegal. The organisers could be arrested under 429 IPC as those animals have been tortured and probably killed.”

The Trustee, of PFA, Gauri Maulekhi, while speaking to a media outlet explained, in these competitions, fearful bulls flee the agony by running, and they are prodded with bare hands, whips, and ropes to make them move more quickly. She revealed, “At times these animals are also fed intoxicating substances like alcohol or steroids. Also, bulls are prey animals, their only instinct to run is in a ‘flight or fright’ situation, and these accused persons take advantage of that and make these poor animals literally run for their lives,”

She further added, “These animals often get severely injured and end up being killed or maimed. This is intrinsically cruel and stringent legal action should be taken by the police under section 429 (Mischief by killing or maiming cattle),”

On a brighter side it has been reported that a complaint against the accused people has been filed, and the accused will be detained shortly, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Jayant Bajbale. He also added that such brutality would not be tolerated. The cops said that there will be an investigation into the animals’ intoxication as well.

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