Image Gallery: Mahindra Thar doing what it loves doing

The Mahindra Thar is one off-roader that has taken the off roading community in India by storm. True, the product has many limitations. From rattles to poorly equipped interiors and shoddy quality levels, the Thar remains a work-in-progress. But the sheer macho that the SUV conveys through its classic Jeep looks has meant that the Thar has found more than enough takers for Mahindra to recoup the costs of developing the CRDe engined variant.

Image Gallery: Mahindra Thar doing what it loves doing
Mahindra Thar

The Thar’s bare basic design also means that Jeep/off-roader enthusiasts can have a field day customizing the SUV to suit their tastes. From massive wheels and bullbars on the outside to entertainment consoles and creature comforts on the inside, Thar owners across India have let their imagination loose. We’ve put together an image gallery of incredible looking Mahindra Thars doing what they love doing.

Images courtesy Mahindra Thar on Facebook

The Mahindra Thar sold in India is offered with two engines, a 2.5 liter MDI 3200 TC direct injection turbo diesel motor and a 2.5 liter NEF CRDe turbo diesel motor. Both engines are mated to five speed manual gearboxes. The DI motor outputs 63 Bhp-182.5 Nm while the CRDe motor outputs 105 Bhp-247 Nm. The DI version of the Thar is available in 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive guises while the CRDe engined version comes with 4 wheel drive as standard.

Both off roaders come with a seating capacity for 7 adults. The Thar DI is aimed at the people mover segment in rural and semi urban areas of India while the CRDe variant is aimed at lifestyle SUV buyers whose hobbies include cross country touring and off-roading. The Thar DI comes with leaf spring suspension all around while the CRDe version gets independent front suspensions up front and leaf springs at the rear. The Thar DI starts at 4.81 lakh rupees while the Thar CRDe starts at 7.30 lakh rupees, both prices reflecting ex-showroom Delhi figures.

CarToq’s friendly tip: If a new Thar seems too expensive for you, you could scour the used car market for pre-owned Thars. The Thar, being a niche off-roader that’s quite unconventional, doesn’t hold its value like cars oriented towards the mass market (Maruti Swift, Dzire, etc). Also, many Thar owners, who buy the off-roader mainly for its “Jeep” looks soon get disillusioned by the various quirks that the Thar throws up. Therefore, many pre-owned Thars can be had for steals in the used car market. For more such advice, head straight to CarToq’s Q&A section.