Impatient Mahindra Bolero driver almost gets hit by speeding train: Caught on video

No, this isn’t a scene out of some Hollywood car movie that involves street racing and beer-guzzling boy racers. The Mahindra Bolero you see in the video below actually had a close shave with a speeding train that was hardly a few inches away.

Sadly, some road users often don’t have the patience to wait at a railway crossing. It’s pretty common to see such people putting their lives at risk in an attempt to cross a railway crossing instead of waiting at a barrier. The above incident took place in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. As per the news report, the driver of this Bolero, which had a total of five occupants, managed to cross the first barrier before it could block the road completely. However, the barrier on the other side of the road was already in place by the time the Bolero crossed the railway tracks. Hence, the driver had no option but to stop and wait for the barrier to open before driving ahead. Soon, a speeding train passed through this railway crossing. You can see how close the Bolero is to the moving train.

Luckily, there was a small gap of a few inches between the train and the Bolero. However, things could have gone really wrong in case this gap wasn’t there. Even a small contact between the speeding train and the Mahindra Bolero could have resulted in a fatal accident. It’s really very sad to see people risking their lives to save a few minutes. It may be noted here that crossing the railway tracks instead of waiting at the closed barriers is a punishable offence. As per Section 147 of Indian Railways Act, trespassing across railway tracks is a punishable offence with a penalty of imprisonment of up to 6 months and/or a fine of up to Rs. 1000.

Video Courtesy – India TV on Youtube