Maruti Alto driver jumps railway crossing: Gets stuck under barrier (Video)

Maruti Alto driver gets stuck under barrier

India is a country known for having drivers who simply lack patience. These drivers cannot spare 2-3 minutes of their lives at traffic signals and railway crossings and rush to cross them. Despite knowing the dangers they pose to themselves and others, they still do it. Recently, showcasing exactly this impatient nature, a Maruti Suzuki Alto driver’s video has been shared online. This particular driver was seen trying to cross a railway crossing and getting stuck under the barrier.

The video of this Maruti Suzuki Alto driver destroying a railway crossing barrier in his hurry has been shared on YouTube by Dip G on their channel. It starts off with a Silver Maruti Suzuki Alto crossing a railway crossing and reaching the opposite side where, on the other side of the barrier, a Hyundai i10 was also stopped. It can be noted that the Alto driver, instead of waiting for the barrier to open, forces his car through it.

During this process, he understands that despite being a tiny hatchback, his car won’t be able to cross and gets stuck under the barrier. However, the persistent Alto driver does not back out of the situation; instead, he accelerates more and gets stuck even more. After this, he is seen trying to accelerate for the second time, and this time around as well, he fails to pass through. Despite this, he accelerates for the third time, and this time the car gets properly stuck, so he reverses out of the situation. Finally, in his fourth attempt, he successfully crosses the barrier.

Aftermath of this incident

Maruti Alto driver jumps railway crossing: Gets stuck under barrier (Video)

From the video, we can note that the barrier was mangled by the Alto driver. The middle portion of the barrier was bent due to the continuous attempts of crossing it. At the moment, the exact details of the whereabouts of this incident have not been reported. However, it can be noted that a person was recording this incident and also captured the number plate of the Alto. Most likely, that person was a staff member from the railway crossing station next to the barrier. But it is not confirmed, and he could also be a normal person fulfilling his moral duty.

Other railway crossing incidents

Incidents on the railway crossing are very common in India, as this impatient behavior is common across the country. A while ago, we shared a video clip of an incident where a bike rider narrowly escaped his death after his bike got stuck on the rails of a railway crossing.

In this viral Twitter video, it was noted that a number of bikers and cyclists were crossing the railway crossing by jumping the barrier. However, they soon saw another train coming, and most of them backed up. But during this, one biker tried to turn around his bike and got stuck between rails. He then fell from the bike and tried to bring it out. However, it was too late, and the bike was destroyed by the incoming train.