Car nearly gets sandwiched between two huge trucks after overtaking goes wrong

India has one of the highest accident rates in the world. There are thousands of accidents that happen daily in the country and many more go unreported to the authorities. Well, here is a video that shows an accident on a single lane highway. The video also shows why so many accidents happen in the country.

The video by Kerala self business shows the footage of a rear dashboard camera of a car. The video is from Kerala where almost all the roads are non-divided single lane roads. The video indicates that the vehicle which recorded this incident just completed an overtaking manoeuvre successfully.

A tipper truck behind a red hatchback starts an overtaking manoeuvre. However, the truck driver misjudged the speed or the location of an incoming autorickshaw. It is quite possible that the truck driver also misjudged the width of the autorickshaw.

Middleway through the overtaking manoeuvre, the truck driver realised that he will not get through. As per the footage, the speed of the truck is around 30-35 km/h only. When the truck driver realises that he would not be able to make it through the hatchback, he steers back. The front bumper of the truck caught the rear of the hatchback and spun it sideways.

The truck then dragged the Alto for a good amount of distance before coming to stop. A truck coming from the opposite side even scrapped Alto’s front bumper. We are not sure about the injuries sustained by the driver of the Alto but there is a lot of damage done to the vehicle itself. And the Alto barely missed the tipper truck coming from the opposite side.

So who was wrong here?

Car nearly gets sandwiched between two huge trucks after overtaking goes wrong

The footage clearly shows that the truck driver did not have the patience to overtake. While overtaking is banned on many single-lane roads in India, there are a few stretches marked by the dotted lines, that allow overtaking. However, one has to be extremely careful while overtaking and know the vehicle very well.

One needs to know how the vehicle will accelerate, the size and the space he needs to go through. Any miscalculations can cause accidents like this. Many such accidents also turn fatal. The truck driver clearly misjudged on more than one parameter.

Slow-moving vehicles are not allowed to overtake on a lot of highways. This is for the safety of the motorists around. This is the reason why getting a commercial license for heavy vehicles in India is much difficult and requires experience. However, in most other cases, the truck drivers are not at fault.

The visibility from the driver’s seat of a truck or a bus is very poor and they cannot even see the vehicle that is immediately in front, side and rear of them. Driving heavy vehicles do require a special skill and this truck driver did not have it in him.