Dad and Son Miraculously Escape Getting Crushed By Out-Of-Control Nissan Micra [Video]

lucky escape from car accident, CCTV footage

The importance of paying attention on the road while driving is pretty much a part of common driving sense. However, in recent times, we have seen several instances, in which car accidents have occurred due to a lack of attention by drivers on the road ahead. In one such road accident, a duo of father and son miraculously survived a road accident involving a Nissan Micra, which crashed in front of them due to a lack of attention while driving.

A YouTube video from the channel of Prateek Singh brought a car accident reported from Kerala to attention, in which a pedestrian duo of father and son had a narrow escape from a speeding Nissan Micra, eventually surviving a horrific car accident. The YouTube video includes CCTV footage of the entire accident, which shows how the father-son duo managed to escape the aftermath of a car crash, in which an oncoming Nissan Micra crashed into an electric pole in front of them.

The video shows the father carrying his son in his arms, while he was walking beside the road. After a few seconds, a speeding Nissan Micra is seen coming in front of them, while it is driven over a curved road. However, the video shows that the Nissan Micra driver failed to steer the car and take control of the car on time, which is seen as a clear case of lack of attention while driving.

Dad and Son Miraculously Escape Getting Crushed By Out-Of-Control Nissan Micra [Video]

Due to this, the Micra driver failed to steer the car on time even after sensing danger ahead, as a result of which the Micra crashed into a boundary wall and an electric pole outside a shop. At that moment, the father and son were walking beside the road and were near the electric pole, which managed to stop the car after the crash. The footage shows that the car would have rammed over the father-son duo if the pole wouldn’t have been there, which managed to absorb the entire impact.

It is visible that the front end of the Nissan Micra absorbed the impact effectively. While the front bumper, headlamps and bonnet got damaged in the accident, the front airbags of the Micra were also deployed. After the crash, the occupants of the car are seen coming out of the car unscathed. Even the father and son escaped the accident on time without even minor injuries.

This unfortunate accident shows the importance of paying attention to the road ahead while driving. The Micra was not over-speeding much, with the driver failing to steer the car on time, indicating that he was not paying much attention to the road ahead.

Drive slow on Indian roads

While it may not be possible to completely eliminate accidents, there are steps you can take to be more cautious and reduce the risk. When you’re waiting at traffic signals or toll gates, it’s a good idea to choose the lanes on the left-hand side. This is because larger vehicles often prefer the lanes towards the right.

Engaging in high-speed activities can be exciting, but it’s important to do so in controlled environments like race tracks. Engaging in high-speed runs on public roads, especially in India, can result in serious accidents and legal troubles.

When vehicles are operated at high speeds, the time to react to unexpected situations decreases, increasing the risk of accidents. On the other hand, maintaining slower speeds gives drivers and riders more time to anticipate potential collisions and brake effectively. Vehicles travelling at higher speeds require more time and distance to come to a stop.