Imported and custom trikes you find in India

Imported and custom trikes you find in India

Two wheels move soul and four-wheels move body, if you want to move both of them together, you gotta get a trike. Now only a few selected people get their hands on a trike as the form of transportation is not very popular in India. There are few that are officially available but you will have to sell few body parts to get one under you. Here are few modified and imported examples that you can find in India.

Evolution Choppers Trike


The Goa based custom house built one custom trike for a person who lost a leg during an accident but did not lose the enthusiasm to ride motorcycles. The 350cc Royal Enfield based three-wheel motorcycle gets custom chassis, swing arm, handle bar, fuel tank, fender and controls on the switch gear.

The heavy trike gets disc brakes at both front and rear and a final chain drive. Everything on the motorcycle can be operated through the handlebar. The brake lever, gear pedals are located on the right side of the handlebar while the left hand side of the handle gets clutch operation.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Trike


Bajaj Pulsar brand is still one of the most preferred brand by the enthusiasts. Seen here is a old generation Pulsar modified into a trike. The motorcycle has been modified to look like a proper chopper trike. To start with, the tubular frame of the motorcycle has been modified to accommodate an axle on the rear.

The rear tyres are car tyres and provide better grip and stability to the whole set-up. The axle gets a sprocket to final chain drive and a disc brake to take care of the braking. The trike has also been modified to be controlled completely from the handle itself. To get a complete chopper styling, it gets a custom fender and a custom tank with Harley-Davidson logo and dual-tone paint scheme on it.

Yamaha FZ Trike


The distinctive styling of the Yamaha FZ has made it very popular among the young buyers. Taking it to the next level, this modifier from Andhra Pradesh has worked excellently to convert the naked motorcycle to mean looking trike. Unlike regular custom conversions, the FZ gets dual wheels at front, which is a complex system.

The front of the trike gets an all-new suspension system and a steering system. The motorcycle is retains the standard handlebar and foot operation system. The front wheels get individual disc brakes while the rear gets a drum brake as the stock motorcycle.

Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-i


The Pulsar 220 was once the fastest motorcycle from the Bajaj brand. It captured the market pretty quickly to become one of the most popular entry-level performance motorcycle. Enthusiasts do try a lot of modifications of the Pulsar 220 but this is just out of the world. Seen here is a Pulsar 220 DTS-i in trike form.

This is similar to the FZ seen above with two-wheels at front layout. The front gets an all-new suspension and steering system. The steering system gets hydraulic system, which makes it easier to turn. The wheels get spokes instead of alloys to lose weight and also offer more flexibility to the trike.

Polaris Slingshot


The three-wheeled motorcycle from Polaris is not officially available in India but someone from the “god’s own country”, Kerala has imported the advanced three-wheeled vehicle. It gets a side-by-side bucket seats and a steering wheel. The motorcycle also gets a gear lever but it is counted as a motorcycle and you do have to wear a helmet to drive this.

The Slingshot weighs only 791 kg and is powered by a 2.4-litre inline four engine. There are two 17-inch wheels up front and a single 18-inch wheel at the rear. This Slingshot is the only one that has been imported in India.

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