How much tax should you pay for importing exotic car through Carnet? Vlogger explains

India is growing market for vehicle manufacturers and we have seen several new car and bike brands entering our market with new products. Car culture has also seen a growth in the last couple of decades and now we have a section who actually own expensive sports and luxury cars. Some of these cars are imported while some people bring these cars to India via Carnet. It is a temporary passport for goods. Using Carnet, a person can import a car to India without paying import tax and duty on that particular vehicle. The car is usually imported for a period of 6 to 12 months and that is why it is exempted from import tax and duty. Here we have a video where a vlogger explains about the procedures after the car has reached India.

The video has been published by Mallu Traveler on his YouTube channel. He is the same guy who had started his world tour on a TVS Apache RTR 200. Due to pandemic he could not complete the trip and had returned to India. He recently bought a Ford Raptor pick-up truck in Dubai and decided to bring it to India via Carnet.

In this video, vlogger talks about the road tax that must be paid here in India to be able to drive the car legally on road. In another video, vlogger has also explained about the whole process on how you can import a vehicle to India via Carnet. Vlogger is from Kerala’s Kannur district and was planning to drive to Kannur RTO. When he talked to the officials at Kannur RTO, they informed that the same can be done at Iritty RTO which is near to his place.

How much tax should you pay for importing exotic car through Carnet? Vlogger explains

He then drives the Ford Raptor on the busy streets of his hometown. Ford Raptor is a wide pick up truck and maneuvering it through those narrow streets was a challenge. It is fully prepped for off-roading and it also has a loud exhaust. People were noticing the truck while he was driving it around. Once he reached the RTO, he paid the road tax and came back.

He then starts explaining what the procedure is. For every vehicle that is being imported to India via Carnet, the owner must pay road tax. For his Ford Raptor, he has to pay Rs 35,000 as road tax for 6 months. He imported the Raptor to India for a period of 6 months. For the first 30 days, the road tax is Rs 10,000 and for rest of the months, it is Rs 5000 each.

Once this amount is paid, you can legally drive the imported car on the road. Vlogger does not mention whether the tax amount remains the same for all imported vehicle or will it change according to the segment. Vlogger mentions that the authorities only asked for registration certificate while paying the tax. Recently, a Rolls Royce was stopped by MVD in Kerala. The owner of that Rolls Royce had not paid the road tax like vlogger. Owner then had to pay the tax amount along with some fine amount.