In Delhi, old car parked in private parking towed away for scrapping: Owner says car was not being driven [Video]

The law implemented by the National Green Tribunal, which prohibits the use of petrol cars older than 15 years and diesel cars older than 10 years on Delhi NCR roads in an effort to reduce air pollution levels, has become a source of frustration for owners of such vehicles. In a recent incident, political analyst and celebrity Tehseen Poonawalla experienced the consequences of this law when his 15-year-old Honda CR-V was towed away by officials from the Delhi Transport Department, resulting in damage to the vehicle.

However, what drew the attention of netizens were Poonawalla’s claims that he had not been using the car at all. He stated that he had removed the battery and safely parked it in an enclosed space. According to Poonawalla, the petrol CR-V had not been in use since it turned 15, and he had refrained from selling it due to sentimental reasons.

In a Twitter post recounting the incident, Poonawalla mentioned that his beloved dog had passed away inside the Honda CR-V, which contributed to the sentimental attachment he and his family members had towards the vehicle. However, despite his awareness of the law introduced by the NGT, he had parked the SUV in his personal enclosed space, removed the battery, and covered it, resulting in its disuse.

Nevertheless, officials from the Delhi Transport Department arrived at his residence and sent the vehicle to a scrapping facility, citing the National Green Tribunal’s order that was first issued in 2021. Poonawalla claimed that prior to towing it away, the officials and tow truck personnel had damaged his SUV by smashing its windows. He also shared a video on Twitter featuring a Delhi Transport Department official, in which Poonawalla questions why his old vehicle, which was parked unused in his parking lot, was smashed and towed away.

In Delhi, old car parked in private parking towed away for scrapping: Owner says car was not being driven [Video]

However, it is worth noting that Tehseen Poonawalla’s Honda CR-V was parked beside the road outside his office near his residence, and not within the confines of his residence. Consequently, the officials from the Delhi Transport Department had the authority to tow away his old vehicle and send it for scrapping. Since April 2023, the Delhi Transport Department, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, and Delhi Traffic Police have been conducting drives to remove overage vehicles parked in colonies, markets, and societies.

While instances of officials towing away overage vehicles in Delhi NCR are on the rise, these actions are carried out in accordance with the law established by the National Green Tribunal. In many cases, neighbors of the car owners inform officials to tow away such vehicles for reasons known to them. However, if a vehicle is parked solely outside a house or on the roadside, officials are authorized to seize it and send it for scrap.

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