In Images – 10 Modified Tata Safari SUVs

Snapshot – The Tata Safari was India’s first real SUV, and was launched way back in 1998. The Safari has a legion of fans in India, and even in some other parts of the world where it is sold. The Safari has evolved and the latest flagship model in this line is dubbed the Storme. Over the years, Safaris have been modified, many of them tastefully so. We’ve picked out 10 such modified Tata Safari DICORs and Safari Stormes.

MotorMind’s Tata Safari Storme Custom

MotorMind's Tata Safari Storme Custom 1

MotorMind Customs of Bangalore has given the Tata Safari Storme a vinyl wrap in yellow and black, enough to make the SUV really stand out. The tyres get fatter while matt black finished alloy wheels are a classy touch. With these changes, the Safari Storme looks quite distinct from the stock version. It could be a touch too loud for many th0ugh.


[Images courtesy MotorMind on Facebook]

Tata Safari Storme with Motormind body kit

Tata Safari Storme Motormind 1

This Safari Storme wearing the Motormind body kit gets a tweaked front end, one that makes it edgier looking. The stock Storme looks much softer in comparison. This kit goes on to show the impact a single aftermarket addition can make to the looks of a car.

Tata Safari Storme Mountain Rescue

Tata Safari Storme Mountain Rescue Concept 3

Tata Motors has come up with a range of custom Safari Stormes over the last couple of years. The Mountain Rescue custom is one such one off that the automaker has created as a show special. The Mountain Rescue custom showcased the potential that the Safari Storme has in terms of cosmetic modifications.

MotorMind’s Tata Safari DICOR

MotorMind has worked on the Safari DICOR to tart up looks of the iconic SUV. The Safari DICOR is ageless as far as looks go. These modifications make the vehicle look different from the scores of Safari DICORs around. A body kit, strategically placed daytime LEDs and a red paint job are the major changes on the custom job.

MotorMind's Tata Safari DICOR Custom 1

[Images courtesy MotorMind on Facebook]

Tata Safari Storme Ladakh Concept

Tata Safari Storme Ladakh Edition

The Ladakh Concept is a body kit equipped Safari Storme built by Tata Motors as a one off show special. There was talk about the body kit being made available to Storme owners. That hasn’t seen the light of the day yet.

Tata Safari to Range Rover Evoque Replica

Tata Safari to Range Rover Evoque Replica 3

Big Daddy Customs, a Delhi based car custom outfit, is known for putting together replica cars using existing vehicles as donor models. In line with this, the Tata Safari gets converted to a Range Rover Evoque. The conversion is classy, and will manage to fool most folks.