In Images – Ravishing Honda City Type II Sedans

Snapshot – The Honda City Type II is an icon. One of the fastest and most reliable sedans of the 1990s, the car was produced in India for five years, between 1998 and 2003. The 1.5 liter VTEC petrol engined model was the pick of the lot, endowing the low slung sedan with blazing performance. Soon, the City became a modifiers favourite. The legendary Honda reliability coupled to the vast array of hop up parts from South East Asia means that the City is still in demand as far as the modifiers circuit is concerned. We have rounded up a few of the tastefully modified Honda City cars, including one prepped for drag racing. From low riders to turbocharged tyre eaters, this list has it all. Here we go.

Honda City Type II 1


A green paint job with a matt wrap on the bonnet, wider rubber that sits on low profile alloy wheels, a sun roof and a body kit characterize this tastefully modified Honda City Type Z.

[Image: Team-BHP]

Honda City Type II 2


The idea behind this modified Honda City is to keep things simple when it comes to mechanicals, while adding a lot of jazz to the looks. Apart from revised suspension and a sweeter sounding exhaust, this modified City remains mechanically true to the factor version.

[Image: QuarterMile]

Honda City Type II 6

You can’t go wrong with an electric blue paint job and orange alloy wheels as far as turning heads is concerned. This is what this City is primed to do.

Honda City Type II 5 Honda City Type II 4


Low slung Honda City sedans with fruity exhaust notes are the flavour in the modders circuit, considering the throwaway prices at which some of the older cars get sold. Here are a couple of examples.

[Images: ModifiedOnline on Facebook]

Honda City Type II 3


These Honda City sedans stay close to stock in terms of looks except for paint jobs and alloy wheels, with functional modifications under the skin being the major changes. Revised suspension to make the handling crisper and a free flow exhaust that sounds sweet are the few allowances made.

[Image: QuarterMile]

Honda City Type II 8

This car is an odd looker, and ostensibly so as it is modified to outdrag everything else on the strip. Beefy front tyres and a massive supercharger under the hood are the two major giveaways.


Honda City Type II 9

A yellow car on what-is-it?, pink wheels? Well, this Honda City will be loved by the fairer sex. Most gentlemen would steer clear of this very loud item that seems dressed to kill.


Honda City Type II 10 Honda City Type II 11

This Honda City is one of those cars that looks fast even while standing still. From a racy blue paint job, to a body kit and revised alloy wheels, a lot has gone into this car to make it the looker that it is.

Honda City Type II 12

A bright neon paint job makes the car scream look-at-me. But the real show stopper is the low rider kit with alloy wheels that don’t seem to run on rubber. Well, almost.



Honda City Type II 13


A bright red paint job, flashy alloy wheels and a body kit are the simple yet classy changes on this Honda City, transforming an everyday sedan into a looker of sorts.

[Image: Honda City Type Z on Facebook]

Honda City Type II 14

Why is this car here? There’s a 430 Bhp turbo petrol engine under that hood. This is what they call a sleeper of sleepers.

[Image: Team-BHP]