In photos: Mahindra Great Escape Gurgaon offroad adventure

Mahindra Adventure, a division of Mahindra & Mahindra, has successfully managed to rope in off-road enthusiasts from around the country in the past few years, to take part in its Great Escapes. Now in its 108th event, the Mahindra Great Escape is seeing an increasing number of off-roaders, thanks in a large part to the Mahindra Thar, which now completely dominates the offroading scene in India.

In photos: Mahindra Great Escape Gurgaon offroad adventure

To put things in perspective – Mahindra earlier used to have a 2WD category and 4WD category, and used to get a 50% mix of vehicles in each. But now, 98% of vehicles are in the 4WD category – so much so at the Gurgaon Great Escape organized recently there were only two 2WD vehicles out of 52-odd entries. Also see: Want to learn off-roading? 

The drive was split into two parts – the Trophy Challenge, where seasoned off-roaders vied with one another for an Off-Road challenge trophy and the Adventure drive, where 4WD enthusiasts could take their four-wheel drive Mahindra vehicles and test their limits. Most of the vehicles were Mahindra Thars, while a few were older Mahindra 550s & 540s, as well as a couple of CJ3B and Classics. There was also a single 4×4 Scorpio and an all-wheel drive automatic Rexton in the mix. Needless to say, the Mahindra Thars completely dominated the day and made light work out of the pretty challenging terrain and obstacles.

The terrain was a mix of sandy tracks, steep ascents with ruts and steep descents with elephant grass hiding ditches that turned into entertaining axle benders. The articulation of the Thars was tested to its limits. Most of the course had to be tackled in low-ration four-wheel drive. Off-roading is not about brute force – it’s also about skill in wheel placement and throttle modulation. Too much power and you dig yourself in. Too little and you don’t clear an obstacle. And it’s also about vehicle preservation. Sure, there were a few bent bumpers, number plates and side steps after the event, but that added to the fun. Also see: Essential off-roading gear to keep in your Jeep

Check out the photo gallery from the event below: