These bikes are powered by the iconic Maruti 800’s engine

Maruti 800 engine bikes

The level of creativity and engineering offered by Indian motorcycle enthusiasts is unmatched. Recently, showcasing the two superbikes made using engines from Maruti Suzuki 800 hatchback’s has been shared online. Today, we bring to you the details of both these motorcycles which utilize the iconic Indian hatchback’s tried and tested 800cc engine.

Dracula motorcycle from Punjab

The first of the two inspiring tales about motorcycles with Maruti 800 engines comes from Punjab. It has been reported that two young boys named Davinder Singh, aged 20, and Harsimran Singh, aged 18, started their mission to fulfill their dream of owning a superbike.

These bikes are powered by the iconic Maruti 800’s engine

During an interview, both the creators of the “Dracula S 800” motorcycle stated that they saw the extremely high price tags of popular superbike models. So because of this, they turned towards their passion, talent, and resourcefulness. These young boys armed with determination created their own two-wheeled marvel.

They stated that they utilized the engine salvaged from an old Maruti 800 which was owned by their family. One of the creators mentioned that he asked his father during the lockdown of COVID-19 if he can use the engine from the car as it will only fetch Rs 8,000-10,000 in the used car market.

These bikes are powered by the iconic Maruti 800’s engine

To this, he adds that his father agreed and gave them the car. After this, Davinder and Harsimran scoured scrap yards and workshops for compatible parts. They stated that they had to use four different cars’ and four different bikes’ parts to complete their creation.

These bikes are powered by the iconic Maruti 800’s engine

The creators mentioned that after one-and-a-half months of relentless efforts, they finally completed the motorcycle and are now seeking support from the government or any other company. The owners highlighted that the Dracula S 800 boasts a top speed of 150-200 kmph, powered by the 796 cc, three-cylinder petrol engine, and achieves an impressive mileage of 20 kmpl.

Hammerhead – Maruti 800 engine AWD bike

These bikes are powered by the iconic Maruti 800’s engine

As mentioned, there is another motorcycle from Gujarat, where another young engineer named Ruzbeh, stole the show a while ago with his unique bike named “Hammerhead 800”. Drawing inspiration from his childhood passion for bike modification, Ruzbeh commenced his journey on a transformative project that resulted in the creation of a very unique bike.

The Hammerhead 800, a rugged all-wheel-drive motorcycle, which like the above-shown Dracula S 800 gets its power from a Maruti 800 engine. The owner highlighted that its diamond-shaped space frame provided the bike with strength and stability. He added that the dual-propeller system, on the other hand, helped with optimal power distribution.

These bikes are powered by the iconic Maruti 800’s engine

Additionally, it was reported that after not being content with the functionality, Ruzbeh added features, including a surround sound music system and Bluetooth connectivity to the bike. Recognized for its groundbreaking design, the Hammerhead 800 earned the prestigious title of “macho bike” at the 2017 India Bike Week, solidifying its place in motorcycle history.

Ruzbeh during an interview stated, “I have started working on the compact version of this motorcycle. This is the only bike in the country which can be driven in both the directions and has a maximum speed of 200 kilometres with four-speed forward and one-speed reverse manual transmission. I want to earn a name in the automobile world. From a very small age, I had a passion for bike modification. Few years ago, I had modified a 100cc motorcycle and also the diesel motorcycle of my father.”