Bajaj Pulsar engined 3-in-1 trike that can fly, float & drive!

Trike is a vehicle that has three wheels. In the past we have seen several modification videos where a regular motorcycle or a scooter has been turned into a trike. All those trike video that we had seen on the video were actually based on a normal scooter or a bike. Here we have a video from Kerala where a man has build a trike from scratch. What makes this trike different from the one we have seen in the past is that it can be driven on road, it can fly and it can float on water as well. This is probably India’s first three in one trike.

The video has been uploaded by Anand Helics Kalyani on his YouTube channel. Anand is the person who is behind this unique creation. He had started working on this project back in 2018 and had recently finished it successfully. The main highlight of this trike is the fact that it can be used on water air and land.

The video shows, the trike being driven on water like an airboat. Unlike normal boats, it does not have a propeller underwater to move it forward. The airboat has a huge propeller at the rear which pushes air to move the boat in forward direction. This same mechanism is used in airboats that are used in western countries. In order to make this trike, Anand used an engine from a Bajaj Pulsar NS200 motorcycle. He mounted the engine at the rear part of the frame.

The engine is then connected to a huge propeller which he had made from scratch. The propeller is actually made from wood. There is a frame between the propeller and the engine for protection. The fuel tanks are made from normal plastic can and it can seat two people easily. The video shows the trike moving over the water smoothly. He has attached two floats to the trike to make it float. The main benefit of having an airboat is that, it can be used at places where water is shallow and it is a common means of transport in swamps. As there is no propeller underwater, there is no fear of hitting or getting the propeller tangled anywhere.

Bajaj Pulsar engined 3-in-1 trike that can fly, float & drive!

The airboat is steered by a rudder when in water. It is connects to the steering or the handle at the front which can be controlled by foot. The accelerator and brake pedals are also placed there. There is an emergency brake and a gear lever which needs to be controlled by hand of the driver. What makes this Trike unique is the fact that, it can be driven on road as well. For that, one has to simply remove the float attache and install three wheels.

There is proper suspension and braking setup which makes it suitable for road. All the other things remain the same as before. One of the main thing that Anand had in mind while making this was to make a trike which can fly as well. That is one of the reason why he has tried reducing the weight of the whole trike. In order to make this trike fly, all you have to do is attach a paragliding wing to it. Once in air, the direction of the aircraft has to be controlled by the string attached to the wing. The speed will be controlled by the propeller at the rear. This is actually, a very unique type of creation and looking at the video, it looks like Anand has done a great job at the executing it.