India-bound 2015 Ford Endeavour SUV spotted during off roading action

The 2015 Ford Endeavour will land in India by the end of this year and the luxury SUV will not just be a capable vehicle on the road, but is also designed to excel in less than perfect conditions off the road. The 2015 Endeavour, which represents the second generation version of the SUV, was caught undergoing off road tests in Australia. Now, Ford of Australia has been entrusted with the development of this luxury SUV, whose hunting grounds will include countries as disparate as India and China to Thailand and South Africa. The brief for the Endeavour reads that the SUV should be an all-purpose vehicle, for work and leisure. The upcoming images indicate the latter.

India-bound 2015 Ford Endeavour SUV spotted during off roading action

Armed with a 225 mm ground clearance and an 800 mm water wading depth, the new Endeavour outdoes its predecessor. Also in the equation is a terrain response system, which seems to be a take away from Ford’s Land Rover days, when the American auto giant owned the British SUV maker. The terrain response system on the new Ford SUV gets normal, grass, snow, gravel and sand modes, along with the customary four by four mechanism that also includes a low ratio for plugging across mud and crossing small streams. Approach, ramp over and departure angles of the new SUV measure at  29 degrees, 21 degrees and 25 degrees respectively.

For the Indian car market, the 2015 Endeavour is expected to get diesel power, with either the 2.2 liter-4 cylinder (148 Bhp-385 Nm) or the 3.2 liter-5 cylinder (197 Bhp-470 Nm) turbo diesel motors making it to the SUV’s engine bay. Overseas markets will also feature a turbocharged EcoBoost petrol engine option. Six speed manual and automatic transmissions are offered with the diesel engines. With the new Endeavour heavier than its predecessor by a full 343 kilograms, the larger engine would be a wise choice for the Indian market, where the SUV will face formidable competition from the likes of the Toyota Fortuner, Hyundai Santa Fe and the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

In terms of dimensions, the 2015 Endeavour actually features a shorter length and wheelbase than its predecessor, while wheelbase and height have increased. The new SUV measures 4,882 mm in length, 1,862 mm in width, 1,836 mm in height and features a 2,850 mm wheelbase. Though slightly smaller than its predecessor in terms of the overall length and wheelbase, the new Endeavour is expected to feature innards made more spacious through the efficient packaging. One thing is certain though, the new vehicle will turn on the heat in terms of plushness and features on offer. Price wise, the SUV is expected to be about 5 % more expensive than the model it replaces, with prices likely to start at 23 lakh rupees.

Spyshots courtesy CarAdvice