India-bound Hyundai i20 N: What the high performance hatchback feels on the track [Video]

Hyundai will soon launch the high-performance variant of the i20 in the Indian market. It will be the first vehicle from the brand’s N-Line of the portfolio. The car is already available in a lot of international markets including Australia. Here is a video review of the hot hatchback – i20 N that is driven around the track. How does it perform? Well, here is the video.

The video by shows the i20 N for the Australian market. The review starts by introducing the i20 N. One should take note that Hyundai already offers the i30 N hot hatch in Australia and the i20 is a car from the lower segment for the customers. The i30 is much more popular than the i20 in the domestic Australian market.

Starting with the looks of the car, Jenny, who is reviewing the vehicle says that the i20 N looks interesting. The design consists of the chequered flag grille design and the extremely aggressively designed bumper of the car. She describes the overall looks of the car by saying that it looks like a standard city hatchback with a lot of sporty details all over. The Australian version is 10mm lower than the standard version when it comes to the ground clearance of the car. It gets red highlights all over, including the side skirts, brake calipers and bumper splitters.

India-bound Hyundai i20 N: What the high performance hatchback feels on the track [Video]

At the rear, it gets a massive roof-mounted spoiler that adds sportiness. The vehicle gets different looking all-LED tail lamps and WRC i20-inspired bumper. Interestingly, the i20 N in Australia gets the bigger 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine that generates a maximum power of 202 PS and 275 Nm of peak torque. It is the same engine that powers the i30 N too. Also, the Australian version gets the manual transmission and the Indian variant will get automatic only.

Sounds dramatic

The i20 N does sound extremely sporty. Talking about the engine, Jenny says that there is a small turbo lag in the lower end but when the turbo spools, it becomes very powerful. Also, the torque is evenly distributed. Talking about the suspension and handling, she says that the handling is precise and accurate. Also, the suspension is noticeably stiffer compared to the standard version of the i20.

The axle of the Australian version is different too. It makes the car more lively around the corners. Also, it gets a limited-slip differential or LSD that allows higher stability and power output of the car. The i20 N gets ASA mode that gets three modes and can be turned off too. It also gets the launch control that allows the car to gain maximum speed in the minimum distance.

On the inside, the i20 N gets an all-black interior. The steering wheel looks different and feels different too. It gets additional buttons that launch various functions. Jenny says that the i20 N feels more like the WRC i20 rather than the standard version of the hatchback.

Hyundai will launch the i20 N by the end of this year in the Indian market. It will get a 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine and a 7-speed DCT.