India-bound Jeep Commander 7 seat SUV shows off its off-road prowess

Jeep recently unveiled the 7-seater version of Compass in the international market. It is called Commander there. However, it will be called Meridian when it launches in India. This is because Mahindra has the trademark for Commander name. It is important for a Jeep SUV to perform well when off-roading. Here, is the first video in which we can see Meridian performing different off-roading tests.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by YOUCAR. In the video, we can see the 7-seater SUV going through rough terrain. The Meridian is driving through tough challenges also.

First, we get to see the Meridian is coming down a steep slope. It must be using its hill-descent control system here. The SUV slowly goes down the steep slope. At no point, any of the body parts of the SUV gets scraped. Then we see the SUV performing a wheel articulation test.

India-bound Jeep Commander 7 seat SUV shows off its off-road prowess

After that, we can see the Meridian climbing stairs and climbing a slope quite effortlessly. The SUV then goes through a very rough rocky section which looks really tough.  There are also other challenges like crossing logs of wood that test the suspension of the SUV.

The Meridian or Commander as it will be known in the foreign markets are based on the Compass. However, it is longer, wider and taller too. It also has a longer wheelbase. All this helps in increasing the cabin space which will be beneficial for the occupants.

India-bound Jeep Commander 7 seat SUV shows off its off-road prowess

The differences start after the B-pillar where you would notice a larger rear door, rear overhang and larger rear quarter panel. The LED headlamps look similar to the Compass but the tail lamps are all-new. They are LED units and are a lot sleeker. The front bumper is also unique to the Meridian and the LED Daytime Running Lamps are placed with the LED fog lamps. Overall, the design of the Meridian now falls in line with what we have seen on the Grand Cherokee and the Grand Wagoneer.

India-bound Jeep Commander 7 seat SUV shows off its off-road prowess

The interior design will be similar to the Compass but there will be some premium materials like metal inserts, fabric inserts and leather upholstery. Jeep might also add some more equipment for the Meridian as it will be priced above the Compass.

India-bound Jeep Commander 7 seat SUV shows off its off-road prowess

In the international market, Jeep is offering the same 2.0-litre Multijet diesel engine as the Compass. However, it is in a slightly higher state of tune so it produces more torque. The engine puts out 170 bhp of max power and 380 Nm of peak torque as compared to 350 Nm of the Compass. It is mated to a 9-speed automatic gearbox and there is also a 4×4 system on offer. The Meridian that will be produced in India is expected to get some kind of mild-hybrid technology that should help in producing more power and also increase fuel efficiency.

Jeep is also offering a 1.3-litre turbocharged petrol engine that comes supports flex-fuel. It produces 185 bhp of max power and 270 Nm of peak torque. It drives the front wheels only through a 6-speed automatic transmission. It is not known whether Jeep will offer a petrol engine with the Meridian or not.

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