India-bound Jeep Wrangler facelift revealed during testing

The iconic Jeep brand entered India last year with the iconic Wrangler and the Cherokee. Jeep is now working the new Wrangler, and the pictures of the same had emerged online a week back. Now, the new Wrangler has been seen with minimum camouflage that reveals further details about the SUV.

India-bound Jeep Wrangler facelift revealed during testing

The new Wrangler will be showcased at the Los Angeles Auto Show at the end of November and following that it will make its entry to the Indian market. The new Wrangler gets the same exteriors as the current one except for a few minor changes. The vehicle gets restyled bumpers and new turn signals on the outside.

The headlamps and the grille have been updated too, and the grille has become bigger. There are still hinges on the base of the windshield, which confirms that the foldable windscreen option will be available with the new Wrangler. At the back, the car gets new LED tail lamps with an I-beam shape. The license plate holders have moved places, and there are rear fog lamps on the bumper too.

The Wrangler is expected to get biggest changes under the good. In the international models, Jeep will offer a new turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a new diesel engine too. The new Wrangler is also expected to become lighter as Jeep has strategically started using aluminum. It is expected to be more fuel efficient. Other bits like improved eight-speed automatic transmission and engine start/stop function will also improve the fuel economy.

India-bound Jeep Wrangler facelift revealed during testing

The spy pictures also reveal the reworked interiors. Wrangler will get a new infotainment system that seems to have a bigger screen. The international models will also get manual shift stick.

India-bound Jeep Wrangler facelift revealed during testing

India gets the completely built unit (CBU) version of the Wrangler. It means with the international update; the Indian model will also receive similar updates. The new Jeep Wrangler is expected to come to the Indian markets by mid-2018.

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