India-bound Maruti Swift: 5 BIG improvements

The Swift has remained one of the most loved vehicles in India. Maruti is preparing to launch the all-new Swift in India and has also imported the new car. The all-new Swift is expected to be unveiled at the Auto Expo 2018, and launched later that year. Here are five big improvements of the new Swift over the current generation vehicle.


India-bound Maruti Swift: 5 BIG improvements

The all-new Swift is built from the ground up. It shares nothing with the current vehicle except the name the design silhouette. The all-new Swift will be based on the HEATACT platform that also underpins the new DZire and the Baleno. With the new platform, the car becomes slightly smaller in size. The overall length has been reduced by 10mm.

However, the wheelbase has been extended by 20 mm. The current generation model has a wheelbase of 2430mm while the all-new Swift will get 2450 mm of wheelbase. It means more space inside the vehicle. The height has been reduced by 30mm, which will give it much sportier look.

Can fit more things

India-bound Maruti Swift: 5 BIG improvements

The all-new Swift gets as much as 265 litres of boot space. It is more spacious by 60-litres than the current generation Swift. With new spacious interiors, the car will be able to take in more luggage.


India-bound Maruti Swift: 5 BIG improvements

The all-new Swift sheds a lot of weight. It will be lighter by as much as 120 kg, which means it will be much more fun to drive. The lighter weight will transpire into better acceleration and better fuel economy. If Maruti continues to use the same engine as the current Swift, the all-new Swift will be much quicker than the current one. However, the spy pictures of the Swift that has been imported to India shows hybrid badge. No engine options for the Indian market have been confirmed yet.

Automatic offering

India-bound Maruti Swift: 5 BIG improvements

With the rising popularity of automatics in India, the all-new Swift will be offered with automatic transmission. Until now, Maruti never offered an automatic version of the Swift in India. The petrol Swift may get AMT gearboxes on both the petrol and diesel variants, just like the DZire.

Tech loaded and safer

India-bound Maruti Swift: 5 BIG improvements

The all-new Swift will come with a lot of bells and whistles. The vehicle will get a touch-screen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There will be also LED DRLs and projector headlamps similar to the DZire. The car will also get standard airbags, flat-bottom steering wheel and driver information display. There will be rear parking camera and sensors too.

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