India-bound Mitsubishi XPander Cross compared with Ertiga (XL7)

Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi had several good products for Indian markets but, they all failed because various reason like weak dealership networks, aftersales and other factors. Mitsubishi is not selling any model in the market as they are not compliant with the new BS6 emission norms. According some reports, Mitsubishi is planning to resume their operations in India and they even have new partner too. Mitsubishi also plans to launch their MPV Xpander in India and it has been spotted testing on our roads couple of times. Here we have a video that shows a comparison between Mitsubishi Xpander and Suzuki XL7.

The video has been uploaded by on their youtube channel. The video is basically comparing cross version of Xpander and Ertiga. Cross version of Ertiga is sold as a premium offering from Nexa dealerships as XL6 whereas it is sold by the name XL7 in international markets as it offers space for 7 passengers. Cross version of Xpander is simply known as Xpander Cross.

The video is basically comparing both MPVs to find out which is one better. Xander Cross is a beefed up version of regular Xpander MPV which was spotted testing in India. It gets more rugged looking claddings, extra ground clearance, bigger wheels than the regular MPV. In terms of dimension Xpander and Xpander Cross remain the same.

In comparison to Xpander Cross, Suzuki XL7 gets smaller wheels and less ground clearance. Apart from that, both the MPVs offer more or less the same amount of road presence. As Mitsubishi is planning to resume operation we will talk about the Xpander here. The regular Xpander when launched in India will be competing with Ertiga.

India-bound Mitsubishi XPander Cross compared with Ertiga (XL7)

Xpander is not a new product and is already being sold in the other Asian markets. It is a 7-seater MPV with ample amount of space on the inside. The Xpander Cross comes with features like leatherette seats (which is probably available with top-end trim only), multi function steering wheel with tilt and telescopic function, cruise control, touchscreen infotainment screen and so on.

The second row seats of Xpander cross can be tumbled down which makes getting to the third row seats quite easy. Even with three row seats up, it offers ample amount of boot space. In comparison to XL7 or Ertiga, Xpander Cross was offering more headspace but, Ertiga felt a bit more premium and provided better seats. The anchor then gets on to the driving seat to find out how, it drives. Xpander Cross sits quite high from the ground and because of which there is fair amount of body roll in it.

There is no wind noise to be heard at higher speeds but, because of the eco tyres on which they were being driven, road noise was filtering into the cabin. The NVH levels are pretty good too. Just like XL7, XPander cross is also powered by a 1.5 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine. The engine feels a lot more peppier than the one is Ertiga or XL7. The Ertiga felt a lot more composed and offered a linear power delivery. It is also the more fuel efficient one among the two. Both MPVs had their pros and cons and if Mitsubishi has plans to launch Xpander in India, they’ll have to price is quite competitively.