India-bound new Isuzu V-Cross torture tested: Better than the old one? [Video]

Lifestyle pickup trucks and Indian market is something that don’t go together. Not many manufacturers who have entered this territory had tasted success. One such manufacturer that has become popular in this segment in a very short span of time is Isuzu with their D-Max V-Cross pickup truck. It is now one of the most popular vehicle among off-road enthusiasts in the country and we have seen several modified versions of this pickup truck and the international market has already received an updated version. Here we have a video that tests the new V-Cross vigorously to check whether if it better than the old one.

The video has been uploaded by 4WD 24-7 on their youtube channel. The video shows both old and new versions of the V-Cross and takes both SUVs through the same patch to test which one handles it better. First obstacle was a section that tested the wheel articulation and the traction system of the vehicle. The older version was capable but, was not as capable as the new version. The new one had more suspension travel and that helped it tackle it with ease.

Then the presenter hits dirt road in the all new V-Cross and finds that the new version of the pickup truck feels more planted in such terrains. he even takes it through mud pits and the V-Cross comes out of it smoothly. He was impressed with the NVH levels and the quality of the interiors in the 2020 version of V-Cross.

India-bound new Isuzu V-Cross torture tested: Better than the old one? [Video]

The new version still offers space for 4 people in the cabin with a loading bay at the rear. The chassis of the V-Cross was again reinforced and so was the cabin. Cabin of the new V-Cross looks a bit more premium than before and offers an upmarket feel to it. In terms of design, the new version looks a bit more butch and has updated features like an LED fog lamps, clear lens LED tail lamps and so on.

Isuzu V-Cross in India is powered by a 1.9 litre and a 2.5 litre diesel engine. The 2.5 litre version comes with a manual gearbox whereas the 1.9 litre version comes with an automatic gearbox option. The version seen in the video however, gets a 3.0 litre diesel unit. The new version looks a lot better than the current version sold in India and looking at the popularity of the vehicle, Isuzu might soon  be bringing this updated version to our market too.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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