India-bound NEW Renault Duster, compared to the current Duster [Video]

The Renault Duster used to be one of the most popular compact SUVs in the country. Now, however, the Duster has lost its sheen to the fresher models. This could, however, change with the advent of the all-new Duster that’s already on sale abroad. It may be noted here that the Duster is retailed under Renault’s sub-brand Dacia in many international markets. Here’s a video that compares the India-bound 2018 Dacia (Renault) Duster with the previous generation model, which is currently on sale in the country.

As per the host of the video, the two generations may look a lot like each other at the first glance. However, a closer look shows that there’s really little that the two generations share with each other. At the front-end, the new Duster looks bolder and more modern. The headlights get LED DRLs. Also, the headlamps are larger and sleeker. Even the grille and the bumper are bolder. The front-end gets a huge faux skid plate. In the side profile, the latest Duster looks a bit sleeker and has more upmarket roof rails. Even at the rear, the two look a bit similar. However, the new Duster gets chunkier tail-lamps.

On the inside, the new Duster gets a more upmarket cabin. In spite of being a budget model abroad, the interior feels better built and is sufficiently feature-laden. The touchscreen infotainment unit of the earlier Duster has been carried over to the 2018 model. The video host says that the 2018 Duster’s infotainment unit has a better touch panel. However, as shown in the video, even the new Duster doesn’t have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Abroad, the 2018 Duster is available with 1.5-litre petrol and diesel engines. The engines come mated to a six-speed manual transmission. The petrol engine outputs 125 PS and the diesel motor outputs 130 PS. The car tester goes on to say that the new Duster’s steering is really lighter than before, which makes it easy to manoeuvre this car in city traffic. Also, the car tester says that the new Duster has much lower NVH than the earlier model. While the new Duster is still some time away from making it to our country, it’s nice to note that the new-gen SUV is really much better than the earlier version.

Video courtesy – Flaxhax on Youtube