India’s First McLaren 750S Supercar Delivered [Video]

first mclaren 750s supercar delivery india

In the last decade, the population of supercars in India has risen. We have come across several videos showing wealthy Indian businessmen and celebrities purchasing new exotic cars. Although India has had several McLarens in the past, the brand officially started its operations in India only last year. We have seen people importing cars from this British car maker privately or via Carnet. Here, we have a video showcasing India’s first McLaren 750S supercar being delivered to a customer in India.

The video has been shared by Love Kataria on his YouTube channel. It is a random daily vlog video, and in this video, we see the vlogger sitting inside a McLaren 750S. The car does not belong to him; he was just exploring the car before it was delivered to the customer. The car seen in the video is a left-hand drive version. As this is an LHD version, it is quite possible that the car was not a private import but was brought to India via Carnet.

We have seen many people bring such exotic cars to India via this route. A Carnet is like a passport for cars, allowing a customer to bring and drive a car from another country in India or any other nation for 6 months to a year.

Once the time is over, the car is shipped back to the country where it is originally registered. The vlogger doesn’t disclose details of the owner as he wanted to respect their privacy. We do not see any registration plate on the car either.

McLaren 750S

As mentioned above, McLaren officially entered the Indian market last year. They are offering all their models for India, and earlier this year, the all-new 750S supercar was launched. McLaren currently has a dealership only in Mumbai. The exterior design of the new McLaren 750S is actually an evolution of the popular 720S.

India’s First McLaren 750S Supercar Delivered [Video]
Mclaren 750S delivered

The differences between both these models are subtle. For example, the 750S gets a new front bumper which incorporates a larger splitter, larger intakes to improve cooling, and slimmer-looking LED headlamps. The supercar also comes with a larger active rear wing which is 20 percent larger in terms of surface area than the 720S. The rear wing increases downforce and stopping performance.

In the video, we get a glimpse of the cabin. The red-colored McLaren 750S came with a black cabin with red inserts in places, giving it a sporty feel. The butterfly doors on the McLaren can also be seen in the video. There is a fully digital instrument cluster, an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a multi-function steering wheel, and so on.

The supercar is powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo flat-plane V8 engine. This engine generates a maximum of 750 PS and 800 Nm of peak torque. The 750S is lighter than the 720S, which has improved its overall performance.

McLaren claims that it is 10 percent faster than the 720S. It can do a 0-100 Kmph sprint in just 2.8 seconds and needs only 4.4 seconds to reach the 200 Kmph mark. The top speed is 331 Kmph. The price for a brand-new McLaren 750S in India is around Rs 5.91 crore, ex-showroom.