India made Renault Duster scores 0 stars in Global NCAP

Global NCAP has begun a series in which they are crash testing a whole bunch of Indian cars in order to provide safer cars for the country. Yesterday, they revealed the results of the India made Renault Duster and here is how it faired:

India made Renault Duster scores 0 stars in Global NCAP

Duster without airbags

0 stars adult protection, 2 stars child protection

First up, they tested the India made Duster with no airbags, which is how it is on the base model. This variant scored 0 stars and gained 0 points out of the maximum of 17, for adult protection. This was mainly due to the absence of airbags. The vehicle was tested at 64 kmph and the body structure was said to be unstable, without being able to bear more load. Since there was no airbag, protection offered to the driver’s head was minimal and that offered to the chest was only marginal.

In terms of child rating, the car scored 2 stars, which translates into a score of 16.98 out of a total of 49. According to the report, the child seat couldn’t provide adequate protection to the child in this case.

Duster with one airbag

3 stars adult protection, 2 stars child protection

As for the variant with the driver’s side airbag, the adult protection was rated as 3 stars, 9 point out of the 17 and the child protection got the same 2 stars, however this one scored 17.75 points as opposed to the 16.98 the one without airbags scored. Even in this case, the body structure was rated as unstable without being able to bear more load. Even though there is one airbag on offer, the protection offered by it was rated as only adequate since the airbag contact was found to be unstable.

The Duster, which is sold in the Colombian market and the Latin America region had been given a 4-star rating for the same variant with a single driver’s side airbag. The main reason behind this rating is the fact that the Duster in the international market gets larger airbags, while the Indian variant has a smaller one.