India’s Only Skoda Rapid with Lamborghini-Style Scissor Doors: This Is It [Video]

India's first Skoda Rapid with Lambo Doors

Everybody wants to own a Lamborghini supercar that comes with unique-looking scissor doors. However, not everyone can afford to buy a Lamborghini. So, to fulfill their dreams, people get their standard cars fitted with Lambo-style scissor doors. Recently, a video has been shared online which shows how a Skoda Rapid owner retrofitted his sedan with signature Lambo doors, making it the only Skoda Rapid in India to have such doors. Apart from this big change, the owner has also modified many other parts of his car.

India’s only Skoda Rapid with Lambo doors

This video of India’s first and only Skoda Rapid with Lamborghini scissor doors has come courtesy of Mihir Galat from YouTube. It starts off with the presenter of the channel introducing the owner of this uniquely modified Skoda Rapid. He then states that this is the first Skoda sedan which has been seen with the Lambo doors.

The owner of the car then describes that a lot of people over the years have stated that Skoda cars cannot be fitted with scissor doors because of build quality issues. However, with this custom installation, they have proved everyone wrong.

He then adds that a lot of people also comment that the car has been ruined. However, he states that according to him, it’s about the preferences and people who like modifying cars do not see it as a waste of money.

Modifications done on this car

India’s Only Skoda Rapid with Lamborghini-Style Scissor Doors: This Is It [Video]

Before talking about the modifications done on the outside, the presenter talks about the modifications done on the powertrain of this Skoda Rapid. The owner states that stock this car makes around 108 bhp but after giving it a stage 2 tune from Code6 Tuners in Mumbai, it has gained around 35 bhp.

The presenter then asks about the torque gains to which the owner replies that they have not tested the car on a dyno as of yet. Moving on, the presenter then shows the other exterior modifications including the 10-spoke alloy wheels which the owner mentions are from BBS and cost him Rs 38000 each. He adds that it also gets a fiber front splitter with white pinstripes and a bolt-on rear spoiler on the decklid.

Next up, the presenter highlights that the owner has also added a custom exhaust as well and he revs it to show how loud it is. Following this, the owner then talks about the main highlight of this custom project car and that is its aftermarket Lambo or scissor doors.

India’s Only Skoda Rapid with Lamborghini-Style Scissor Doors: This Is It [Video]

The owner of the car mentions that this is a completely custom-fabricated door hinge. It gets a double bolt system and he states that it is of a lot more superior quality. He adds that unlike other Lambo doors, these doors can be kept opened even when the car is moving.

The presenter then asks him where he bought the kit for the doors to which he replies that he got it ordered from Delhi. Next up, the owner adds that he has also added a fully custom-made exhaust system as well and has also opted for pops and bangs tune.