India-spec Renault Captur to be revealed on 21st September; To challenge Mahindra XUV

Renault Captur is one of the most awaited vehicles in the Indian market of the year. The Captur will be officially revealed on 21st September and we will bring you pictures from the event. But before that let’s get to know what all we know about the upcoming Renault.

India-spec Renault Captur to be revealed on 21st September; To challenge Mahindra XUV

Renault has officially teased the upcoming SUV and has also started taking official enquiries for the same. The Renault Captur is a 5-seat SUV but Renault India CEO, Sumit Sawhney has indicated that it will take on the 7-seater Mahindra XUV in the market.

The vehicle will get many premium features like keyless entry while the top-end of the vehicle may get start/stop button too. The vehicle will sit above Duster in the market and the indicative price will be around Rs. 15-16 lakh, which means that it will be priced just above the Renault Creta in the market.

The upcoming SUV also gets LED DRLs and LED fog lamps that add to the premium look from the outside. The Captur is expected to get 17-inch alloy wheels, which is bigger than the rival models. It is expected to get 215mm of ground clearance, which means it will be higher than the Duster. The ground clearance of the lower-end models is not known.

The Captur will also get fixed armrest without any storage bin below it. It also gets white LED lamps in the cabin giving a cool, premium feeling to the passengers. Renault has also added other features like cooled glove box to make the equipment list longer. The vehicle will also come with a foldable rear seat but they would not be foldable. The top-of-the-line variant will also offer Cruise Control and Eco mode with a speed limiter.

The Captur will come powered by the 1.5-litre K9K dCi engine that also powers the diesel version of the Renault Duster. The power figures are expected to be revised.

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