India to get three new racing tracks soon

India may soon get as many as three new race tracks. The new tracks will reportedly come up at Hosur (Tamil Nadu), Hyderabad and somewhere between Mumbai and Pune. The report has been confirmed by Akbar Ebrahim, President, Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI). India currently has three racing tracks located in Greater Noida and Tamil Nadu.

India to get three new racing tracks soon

The new race track in Tamil Nadu will be its third. The other two are Madras Motor Race Track (MMRT) and Kari Motor Speedway located in Coimbatore. The Budh Internation Circuit (BIC) in Greater Noida is FIA Grade 1 track while the Tamil Nadu tracks are Grade 2.

The report quotes Akbar Ebrahim saying,

“I can’t disclose details at the moment because they are in talks with us and it has to be confidential right now. We are aware that they are interested in putting up tracks in these areas. Till they announce it, we will not be disclosing details.”

Ebrahim did confirm that the talks are underway and once the plans reach an advanced stage, a formal announcement will be made with all the details. The three new tracks will be built on private investment and the state or the central government will not hold any role in it.

It is not clear which grade the new tracks will fall into. FMSCI will support the development of the tracks with the homologation and other specifications. The higher grade tracks need bigger investments.

Ebrahim also said that this would be the much-needed boost for Indian motorsport.

“I have always been saying that when more infrastructure comes up across the country, the sport grows that much faster because people have access to the tracks. One can’t keep travelling from one place to the other all the time. When you have more karting tracks and racetracks near your hometown, you will take up the sport.”

There are international level karting tracks in Bangalore and Hyderabad and many smaller tracking karts around India. BIC held three Formula 1 races after which tax issues forced the sporting event to move out of the country. The new racing tracks may put a fresh lease of life in the racing circuits in India.